American writer Paul Auster, author of the “New York Trilogy”, died at the age of 77.

The author was suffering from cancer. His other successful works include ‘Moon Palace’, ‘The Book of Illusions’ and ‘Brooklyn Follies’.

Paul Auster, a prolific American author of novels, poems and films, who made his way onto the international literary scene with his “New York Trilogy”died of complications from lung cancer at the age of 77, he announced New York Times Tuesday. Paul Auster died at his home in Brooklyn, New York (United States), the newspaper reported, citing a friend of the writer. His cancer diagnosis was announced last year by his wife, writer Siri Hustvedt.

The American writer is the author of novels, poems and films, marked by New York and disoriented characters who take the reader on a dizzying existential journey. Medici foreign price for Leviathan in 1993, Paul Auster is a recognized writer in France, which he considers his own “another country”. Her The New York Trilogy published in 1987, catapulting him onto the international literary scene and definitively linking him to the megacity he constantly recreated in his books and films.

Attracted to New York and Paris

“Sometimes New York is the center of the story, sometimes just the periphery. New York, the city where I live and write, is an image that lives in my reality and in my fiction., he said. in City of glass, He returned AND A hidden room which form Trilogyhis characters set out to find their identity as detectives in Manhattan’s labyrinth of skyscrapers, where everything is just reflections and false pretenses.

It was in Newark, a suburb of New York, that Paul Auster was born in 1947 to parents of Ashkenazi Jewish descent. From a very young age he was attracted to this city, where he spent all his weekends. He moved there at the age of 18 to study French, Italian and British literature at Columbia University from 1965 to 1970. He later anchored in Brooklyn, the family neighborhood that he celebrated in Smoke and its continuation Brooklyn boogietwo films he directed with Wayne Wang. Smoke won the Silver Bear in Berlin (1995).

After his studies, he lived in Paris from 1971 to 1975. He lived in a maid’s room, met a prostitute who recited Baudelaire to him, and almost enrolled at the Institute of Advanced Cinematographic Studies. He wrote scenarios for silent films and translated Breton, Mallarmé, Michaux and Dupin. He perfected his French, which he spoke in a hoarse voice from the cigars he loved.

His dead father’s legacy

A tall, hedonistic brunette with slicked-back hair and slightly bulging dark eyes appeals to women, but experiences several years of professional wandering, which she recounts in Devil by the tail. Reveal, his first collection of poems appeared in the United States in 1974, but due to lack of sufficient income, he took odd jobs and embarked as a handyman on an oil tanker. An inheritance from his father, who died in 1979, allowed him to devote himself to writing. After divorcing writer Lydia Davis, with whom he had a son, he married American novelist Siri Hustvedt in 1981. It is the beginning of a new life.

He publishes “The Invention of Solitude” (1982), an autobiographical novel where he tries to understand the personality of his father, the character “invisible” which will inspire its characters struggling with a disturbing doppelganger. This is especially true in Moon Palace (1990), an initiation novel about an orphan that eventually brought him American recognition.

Paul Auster, an excellent connoisseur of narrative tricks, likes to play with the reader: puns between names, interplay, fragmented stories. Leviathan, Book of Illusions (2007) or even phenomenal 4321 (2018), blurs the lines between fiction and reality. Sometimes at the risk of being too confusing and annoying. “We spend our time making up stories. We live with it…real and imaginary don’t matter. Thoughts are real, even thoughts of imaginary things”explains one of his characters in “Alone in the Dark”.

Reconstruct the puzzle of your existence

A Democrat, in this novel published in 2009, he decries the eight Bush years when America was turned upside down by the war in Iraq and 9/11, saying, “in a parallel world”, through the evocation of an imaginary civil war narrated by a depressed insomniac. He returns to the autobiographical story with “The Winter Chronicles” (2013) and “Excursions in the Inner Zone” (2014), decided “in the winter of your life”to reconstruct the puzzle of his existence through the description of his body’s mutations. “I want to try to show, make people feel what it’s like to be alive. Life is both beautiful and terrible and my job is to capture those moments. That is my mission as a writer. Nothing more”.

His son David, accused in April 2022 of involuntary manslaughter of his 10-month-old daughter, who died after poisoning with fentanyl and heroin, died himself a few days later “accidental overdose”. In the same year, he was diagnosed with cancer, according to his wife. Despite his illness, he finished the last book with a nostalgic tone, Baumgartner .

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