Bressuire: Zone B, the first Bressuire craft brewery started by a father and son duo


Blanchard, Bressuire, beers, the letter B ended up summing up the project pretty well. Beer, at Bressuire, by the Blanchards. Tony and Louis, father and son, are the creators of Zone B. This new brasserie Bocage, located on rue du Moulin-Jacquet, in Bressuire, opened in earnest in 2023 and is the success of Tony, a former wine merchant. “I was a sales person and now the fact that you are creating your own products and working for us is much more motivating”he admits.

“Work for us is much more motivating”

For Louis, this €160,000 investment is a continuation of the passion he has had for beer for several years. “I got a beer brewing kit for Christmas when I was younger. To begin with, I tested it and the beer was undrinkable…”, he jokes. The fault is probably with the kit rather than the brewery. This bad adventure did not motivate the son. On the contrary, he started training as a brewer in La Rochelle (Charente-Maritime).

From now on, brewing is his mission. Water, malt, hops, yeast, all ingredients from France and Belgium and necessary for the creation of beer are used. The flavors then vary depending on the quantity. They also customize their products with different elements such as orange and lemon peels added during brewing for their latest wheat beer release.

Bottles and cans

Currently, Zone B has seven references with a permanent assortment in bottles. The second line in cans is ephemeral, allowing both men to innovate and regularly offer new products to consumers. “We sell our beers to wine merchants, bars, restaurants, grocery stores, and we also sell kegs of beer to events, festivals…”, Tony elaborates. Products that can be found mainly in Nord Deux-Sèvres and Niortais with the aim of rapidly expanding this area.

“We need to make 30,000 liters a year to make it work, but we should be able to make 40,000.”, Louis believes. The duo soon plans to invest in a fourth 1,000 liter fermenter. Enough to give this family project great prospects.

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If the content meets expectations, so does the container. By teaming up with graphic designer Jeanne Charrier and painter Corentin Marilleau, Zone B offers packaging that is colorful and refined for its bottles. As for the cans, the colors and landscape call for a leak like “Nomade” beer. “It’s really a plus, it costs, but when we see the feedback, it’s a good thing”thinks Tony Blanchard.

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