Calais: 23 injured in a traffic accident involving students on a school trip


An accident involving a heavy truck and two buses carrying French and German students on a school trip left 23 people injured on the A16 motorway in Calais on Friday afternoon, according to an updated report from the prefecture.

The accident happened at around 16:30 on the ring road connecting the port of Calais across the English Channel with the motorway. The cause and circumstances of the accident were not immediately known, the prefecture said.

German students from Frankfurt and French students from Essonne

The two buses were carrying “middle and high school students on a school trip,” the first German students from Frankfurt and the second French students from Essonne, the prefecture said in an evening press release.

The updated report shows 141 people involved, including 21 lightly injured, plus “a young French woman and a young German man (who were more seriously injured), victims of open fractures and abdominal pain requiring in-depth evaluation.”

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In the first press release, the prefecture reported “one seriously injured person”, stressing that her vital prognosis was “not serious”.

Deployed health-psychological unit

Those involved, but uninjured, were taken “to a room made available by Calais Town Hall where they are currently being looked after by the Civil Protection” and medical supervision is being put in place overnight. A medical-psychological emergency cell is also deployed.

“We are doing everything to welcome young people and their superiors in the best possible conditions,” adds the prefecture. A bus from Germany and another from Essonne are on their way to pick them up.

According to an AFP journalist who visited the scene, the heavy goods vehicle was hit by a bus belonging to the German company RheinMainz-Express, which itself hit a French double-decker bus as they traveled from the port terminal.

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