Company. Cosmetic surgery: what is this new trend to “retreat”?


It’s no longer a secret to anyone: fashion is cyclical. And not only our wardrobe and catwalks are subject to this. Physical appearance must also keep up. If Kim Kardashian’s XXL buttocks and lips were popular a few years ago, it seems that today naturalness is returning to the scene and many people do not hesitate to go under the knife again to have implants, injections and other foreign bodies removed.

“Real File”

“It’s a real case,” confirms cosmetic surgeon Frédéric Sarfati, who practices in Paris. “A very unique silhouette with extraordinary volumes is the end. Now people demand and want a slim, athletic figure with a certain elegance,” he points out. According to him, 90% of his patients – mostly young women – who have opted for these transformations in the past eventually “come back”. It’s the same story at the Paris office of cosmetic surgeon Elisa Pecorelli, who has noticed a new enthusiasm for small breast prostheses among her former patients.

A short detour on social networks, TikTok at the forefront, is enough for this twist. By entering the right keywords, videos of young women showing their communities their newly inflated mouths follow, one after the other, and even rack up several thousand views.

“It was happening too much »

Mira* is one of them. She was 22 when she got her first lip injection. Then: “I clearly abused it,” she avoids four years later. “I was really starting to like the duck mouth aspect. It’s very nice when it’s natural, but here it was happening too much. » “Surgery” at this level has become essential. But his latest injections of uncertain content, because they were done illegally by a beautician, almost foiled his plans. Because if the injection of hyaluronidase, the product responsible for dissolving the hyaluronic acid responsible for the volume, did not work, it would be inevitable to go to the pool table. “And that wouldn’t happen at all…” continues the twentysomething.

All this costs something. For lips, expect a minimum of 300 euros for hyaluronidase injections and around 3000 for surgery. An even steeper bill in the area of ​​the buttocks and chest – for example, by removing implants or punctures under ultrasound control.

Celebrity influence

To explain this phenomenon, Mira evokes a form of collective “awareness”. But the stars would play a crucial role. In last years,pioneer of BBL (“Brazilian butt lift” or the act of removing fat from certain places and then grafting it to the buttocks) Kim Kardashian has seen her profile disappear – although she hasn’t confirmed anything yet. And last December, singer Cardi B revealed on Instagram that she had 95% biopolymers removed from her bottom. “If you’re young and sometimes you feel like you’re too thin and you end up thinking about a shot in the ass“DON’T DO THAT,” she warned me. And there are also Hollywood examples that found more natural features: Courteney Cox, Kristin Davis and Ariana Grande.

We are also getting into it in France. Influencers like Maeva Ghennam and Laura Lempika have recently confided that they’ve removed their devices for health or purely aesthetic reasons. A remarkable influence, except for social networks that broadcast content images of unattainable characters.

New risks?

“We don’t just go for pretty things,” says the plastic surgeon. With allergies to new preparations, significant scars and possible malformations, risks remain, he points out. In addition, cosmetic surgery procedures are not less numerous – on the contrary – but are aimed at more discrete areas of the body, “for example on the contours of the face”, notes Elisa Pecorelli. In a more insidious way. Also, the return of certain modes does not bode well. less than a year ago, New York Post effectively alerted to the return of a 21st-century “heroin chic” aesthetic that advocates thinness. If it’s cyclical, then maybe it’s not always a good idea to follow fashion.

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