La Riche: public meeting to try to explain rent increase

Saturday, April 20, 2024 at 7, rue Louis-Niqueux in La Riche (CSF site) a public meeting was held at the initiative of Yamina Boucetta, president of Sablettes.

Twenty-six residents responded to get an explanation from their landlord, Val Touraine Habitat, about the increase in rental fees (from €100 to €1,280). The Trade Union Confederation of Families was represented by Nadia Bureau. He explained that the main element of the fee increase was the gas increase (200%).

This meeting has borne fruit because all residents will be able to be admitted to the hotline, which thanks to this public meeting will be open every Wednesday from 14:00 to 17:00 at 7, rue Louis-Niqueux, where the Housing Solidarity Fund (FSL) file will . be informed about each and the possibility of being referred to a social worker, who can also look into the file in the ÚKOZ. There will also be the option of spreading your debt over twelve or more months (approved by the landlord).

Question still unanswered

However, the question remains unanswered, why such a gap in regularization from one tenant to another? The tenants believe that it may be the heating pipes installed recently in the houses. Nadia Bureau is personally committed to asking a question to the Val Touraine Habitat site, passing on all the questions asked during the meeting and giving everyone an individual answer.

Yamina Boucetta spoke at the end of this first meeting: “As president of Les Sablettes, I am very pleased with the positive impact of this meeting. The concerned residents will be able to benefit from real support in the face of this regularization of charges which they did not really understand and which is very worrying due to inflation and increase in purchasing power. »

Also note the presence of Vladimir Richardeau, Deputy for Education and Housing.

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