Paris 2024. Two computers belonging to the person responsible for organizing the Olympic Games in Lille are stolen

Two computers belonging to “the manager responsible for the development of the Lille Olympic site” were stolen from a car parked in Lille, prosecutors said on Tuesday, without specifying at this stage the nature of the data linked to the Olympics. contained

“The complaint of the manager responsible for the development of the Olympic site in Lille was received on the evening of April 29 about the theft of two laptops and a badge that were in her vehicle parked in front of her house,” according to Lille prosecutor Carole Etienne. .

Checks are in progress

“An investigation is underway” to identify the suspect and determine “the exact nature of the data these computers contained in relation to the 2024 Olympic Games,” it continues.

According to a police source, the stolen computer was likely to contain “security plans” for the infrastructure of the Villeneuve-d’Ascq Olympic Village in the metropolis of Lille.

A stolen badge that ‘doesn’t open any doors’

The theft took place on Monday around 18:30, according to this source, who specified that the professional computer’s access to files hosted on the network and the cloud had been blocked by the IT department of Paris 2024.

The stolen badge is an “identification badge that does not allow you to open any doors” and “the computer was turned off,” a second police source said.

At the end of February, a bag belonging to an engineer from Paris was stolen from a Gare du Nord train, containing a computer and two USB sticks containing notes related to the Paris Olympics. The 20-year-old was sentenced to seven months in prison for this theft.

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