Technophiles. We tested the Nothing phone and the Nothing earphones

Nothing Phone 2 (a)

Maybe the name of the smartphone manufacturer doesn’t mean anything to you… And it still tries to shake up the plethora of offers. With white plastic edges, the Nothing Phone 2 measures 6.7 cm, with a well-thought-out design. In their first phone, Nic added LEDs to the back, it’s the same. they are also easy to program. Notifications, calls or simply LEDs that activate when you grip the product, it’s still a new concept, especially for this mid-range.

In the tested model, it is a Mediatek 7200-Pro processor with eight cores, some of which peak at 2.8 GHz. It is equipped with 12 GB of RAM and also 256 GB of internal storage, without the possibility of its expansion. With an OLED screen, it reaches a resolution of 2412 x 1084. 5000 mAh will be enough for more than a day, if you set the autonomy correctly and do not overload the games. Accepts 45W charging The experience seems more fun than most mid-range, Android 14 is smooth.

Some titles won’t be able to display all the graphical details, but the rest look convincing. The owl’s two eyes connect two lenses, each with 50 megapixels. They work as a wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle camera. The daytime photos remain very good and the night photos take good pictures, especially considering the location. Obviously you shouldn’t zoom in on this type of photo as the pixels appear quite quickly. Macro mode left Nothing: not very good quality.

The special selfie lens has 32 megapixels, which is enough for zooming. It is also dust and splash resistant. With its 2 (a) model, nothing is doing much better than the Phone (1) model that was released some time ago. With prices starting at €349 for the 8GB/128GB storage version, it is already targeting users for whom a design beyond the ordinary is important. Moreover, it is very efficient when it comes to its placement. All this represents very good value for money.

Recommendation: 3.5/5.
From €349.
What’s in the box: USB-C cable, SIM tray tool, pre-installed tempered glass.

Nothing ear and ear

Ever the rule-breaker, Nothing recently released two pairs of wireless in-ear headphones. The Ear Case is larger than the Ear Case (a), perhaps due to its support for wireless charging unlike its little brother. The design of the intra contrasts with what is on the market: they are either transparent, yellow or black.

The rubber tips seem less flexible and sometimes have difficulty removing from the earlobe. Pairing is done without the box and quickly every time you connect. Both benefit from remarkable noise reduction for public transport or a noisy street.

Some excerpts of the interview can be heard for a closer discussion. Both benefit from good listening quality, a little less so in discussions where several interviewees could hear us from a distance. The earphones benefit from an additional codec that provides lower latency and a 24bit/192Khz hifi mode, which could result in a better audio experience provided you have the hardware on board to decode this mode. Intra Ear (a) do not have it, and this does not prevent them from reproducing more than correct sound. Both are IP 54 certified, just like the Nothing Phone 2 (a), meaning protection against dust as well as splash water.

Durability can reach up to around 8 hours on the ear and around 7.5 hours on the others. USB-C charging included. Finally, Nothing has developed a basic app for those who want to master the tonality of their songs, downloadable from the App Store or Google Play. Notification sounds remain discreet and original. In conclusion, Intra Ear (a) represents the best quality/price ratio on the current market with all the qualities assigned to it. The Ear, 50 euros more expensive, is aimed at those looking for more innovation and good sound at the same time.

Recommendation: Ear (a) 5/5, Ear 4,/5.
Price: Ear (a) €99, Ear €149.
Box contents: small USB-C cable, terminals of various sizes.
Ear (a) offers yellow, black and white colors.
The ear offers black and white colors.

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