TV program. Laurent Ruquier: “I do ‘Mask Singer’ because I enjoy it”

Question at the press conference about the new season Singer maskLaurent Ruquier made his return to the show as an investigator after being the lobster character last season.

“I do it because I enjoy it,” he explains. “I watch this show, that’s why I agreed to interview the guest last year. I had a secret hope that someone would call me back. I was delighted to be asked to be a member of the jury. I didn’t hesitate for two seconds. Well, it was a bit annoying because at the time I was on BFMTV, a channel that has absolutely nothing to do with it Singer mask ! »

Singer maskit looks more like me than BFMTV

After 23 years of entertainment at France 2, Laurent Ruquier (60) created a surprise by joining BFMTV at the end of September 2023. But at the end of December, he announced that he was stopping his show due to poor audiences. ” Singer mask, that’s more like me: show, show. I’m a show producer, I like musicals. AND Singer mask, it’s a true musical comedy every time. And I love the show! »

Was it negotiated before he came to BFMTV? ” No. Otherwise I wouldn’t have gone there. » “I like the role of the investigator. I even looked for YouTubers that Kev and Inès didn’t know! We’re having fun. »

It will animate The investigation continues instead of Camille Combal

In addition, Laurent Ruquier will host The investigation continues, the show in the second part of the evening, instead of Camille Combal. “It wasn’t planned at all, it just fell on me,” he explains. “It’s a scheduling problem,” confirms Camille Combal: “I’m sure he’ll be much better than me! “.

Actually filming Singer mask az Dancing with the stars (DALS) overlapping this year, Camille Combal couldn’t do everything. The investigation continues It turned out to be a difficult exercise: “We have to interrogate the unmasked person barely five minutes later, even though we knew nothing about them. Thank you for the gift! “, says Laurent Ruquier and Camille Combal laughs.

“I am far from unemployed! »

Regarding the words of Cyril Hanouna, who believes that the introduction of this program in the second part of the evening is for Laurent Ruquier “the last step before unemployment”, he replied: “I am not far from unemployment. Even without Singer maskI do Big heads I produce shows every day… I really don’t need work! Today I just want to do what I enjoy. »

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