Private data hacking: a major spyware threat

Private data hacking: a major spyware threat

In February 2024, Pegasus spyware was discovered on MEP Nathalie Loiseau’s mobile phone. This hack again shows that it is possible to install spyware on a mobile without the owner’s knowledge. The companies that sell these devices tout their virtues in the fight against terrorism. Except their clients, often governments, use this turnkey software against … Read more

“Hell of automation” in the debate on Global industries

Sur la scène de Global industrie, le 26 mars 2024.

Do you know the term “automation”? This English term is now used by engineers not as a translation of automation, but to add an algorithmic dimension. Automation is software-enhanced automation. Repetition, commonly associated with industrial assembly lines, is no longer systematic in automation: this was the subject of a roundtable organized on March 26, 2024 … Read more

Generative AI is a productive “artist” but lacks originality: here’s why

Generative AI is a productive "artist" but lacks originality: here's why

Performance, time saving, efficiency. All these benefits promised by artificial intelligence (AI) are a good idea for the competitive business world. But it seems to apply just as well to artists. Two scientists from Boston University (United States of America) investigated what is happening in the world of digital graphic creation in the era of … Read more

Diagnosing mental illness: can artificial intelligence really help doctors?

Le DSM-5 est le manuel de référence pour le diagnostic en santé mentale.

“AI and Mental Health” symposium in Caen, taking place on 29 and 30 January 2024, bringing together around twenty French and international researchers and doctors, made it possible to question the position of artificial intelligence in the daily life of the therapist. Will AI make diagnoses instead of a specialist? Not according to computer scientist … Read more