10 essential questions to ask your wedding photographer before you book them


Like other providers, choosing a wedding photographer is an important step in the preparations. Today there are a large number of photographers with different styles, but also methods or prices that vary depending on them. To find the rare gem and perfect service provider for your wedding, it’s worth taking the time to learn about each person’s way of working. And so here is a list of essential questions to ask and wedding photographer.

What questions to ask a wedding photographer?

    • what is your experience


For you know your wedding photographer well, start by asking him about his background and various experiences. Also ask about any previous marriages he may have worked on. Have him describe different styles of weddings or events to see if it matches what you expect.

    • What is your way of working?


You can ask your wedding photographer on his work habits and his organization. Each service provider works in a different way and it is best to know all the details before signing a contract.

    • What are the different services you offer?


To fully understand the importance of the various services, do not hesitate to ask your photographer for details. So it can provide a series of photos, a defined retouching time, but also options such as a photo album, a dedicated page, engagements, printing, etc.

    • What is your style of photography?


There are many different styles in photography. And that’s actually good news, because you’re sure to find one that suits you and that you like the most. But be careful, asking the photographer about a style that doesn’t suit them is out of the question! THE wedding photos therefore, it will be of lower quality and, above all, it will be frustrating for everyone. Ask him how he defines his own aesthetic.

    • What are your ideas for couples and group photos?


During the wedding, the photographer will have to draw attention to the most beautiful day of your life through event photos, key moments of your civil, secular or church ceremony, but also group photos with your witnesses, your family, your friends, etc. For this, he will have to use his imagination and take simple or original photos, as well as your couple sessions.

What should you ask your wedding photographer?

    • what are the prices?


From a practical point of view, the most important issue is of course price. Not all photographers charge the same prices and that’s okay! Like all other providers there is something for all budgets. Find out more to make sure the photographer you choose meets your wedding photography criteria.

    • What equipment do you work with?


Even if you don’t know much about it, your photographer can guide you and reassure you about his equipment. In particular, you can ask him about his spare batteries, spare camera, different lenses. The goal is to best understand the way you work so that you are prepared for any eventuality on the big day.

    • What are your delivery times?


Once your wedding is over, you’ll want to receive your photos as quickly as possible. You can even think about it! To avoid confusion, ask your photographer how long it might take to send the photos. While most photographers ask for a few weeks lead time, some will still quickly send the first wave of the most beautiful photos to keep you waiting.

    • How long will you stay on the wedding day?


Some photographers set price scales based on duration of marriage. You can therefore have him come in the morning to photograph all the preparations and stay until the end of the night. Others, on the other hand, prefer to focus only on the ceremony. It’s up to you to see what suits you best and what your photographer has to offer.

    • Are you available for a meeting?


There is no better way to get to know your wedding photographer better than to meet them. If initial exchanges can be done via email or phone, you can just as easily set up a physical meeting to see if things are working well between you. You should feel even more comfortable on the big day.

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