# 11 Which Loir-et-Cher in 2050? Shared living, an idea that is on the way


Live together. Otherwise. On the heights of Cormenon, life is organized. Rue de la Concorde, twenty houses inhabited by elderly or disabled people (working or not). Everyone has T1bis or T3. Their space.

At the end of a gentle slope, a common building. Large, bright and quiet room overlooking the center of Mondoubleau. Joint activities with the facilitator are organized here. Where a small community gathers. Nine months after opening, Perche Association of the Disabled (APHP) is watching its newest addition.

Inclusive housing is a reality here. The answer to getting out of the dilemma: what to do when life at home is no longer possible and when life in the community is neither desirable nor necessary?

Against isolation in rural areas

In 2020, the Piveteau Report laid the foundations for this new way of life. Which found its place in this territory in the north of the department. Loïc Tytgat and Claude Mallais, respectively the director and president of the association, are convinced of this. Especially according to the chosen, non-profit modalities. “We are clear on national issues. We are trying to do this on the scale of our residential area with adapted means, insists Loïc Tytgat. There are few projects of this scale. We made a bet that we would go there alone for a bit. It worked”. Aging well. Live together. And adapt.

Zoltan Borka has just returned the broom borrowed from one of the neighbors. Installed since last summer, he has no shortage of complimentary adjectives to describe his new life after his time at Choue in accommodation that was not adapted for his wheelchair. ” It’s amazing “he says again as he leaves the common room.

Cormenon is an example. Other projects exist across the department. Intended for disabled, elderly or both audiences. In La Chaussée-Saint-Victor, Mireille Cheneau, who chairs the association Tandem handicap 41, is determined to bring her project to fruition, opposite a nursing home, in an old farmhouse.

We’re talking here “of the fifteen pavilions in the beguinage (1)” which will be managed by the retirement home. “Inclusive housing is the housing of the future, even for seniors. It’s a tool for shared life”assures one who hopes that work will begin in 2025.

Monique Gibotteau stares at the project map. Vice-president of the Department for Solidarity, she carefully monitors the files. Already in 2007, the ministry signed a charter for group housing. In 2022, it was updated to meet the criteria for inclusive housing. With great financial support.

Return to the Great Common Room in Cormenon. A “tool” to fight against “Feeling lonely » to which inclusive housing wants to respond. Here the territory diagnosed its needs. “We had to create an offer. » Since opening, all accommodation facilities have been occupied. And there is a waiting list. The bet won.


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