3 books to read to fill your days in April

This month of April has just started, but you are already bored… To occupy your afternoons and evenings, here are three books you absolutely must read!

Netflix, Disney + or even Amazon Prime Video… You have visited the streaming platforms and have nothing left to watch. This time you don’t want to start over Grey’s Anatomy, The Vampire Diaries or Desperate Housewives. But how to spend the days? With the arrival of sunny days, you can breathe fresh air on the balcony, on the beach for the lucky ones or in the park, with a good book to devour. Breathtaking thrillers, rosy romances, and even fantasy stories to help you choose your next read, here are three novels to read this month of April!

Fever by Meghan Abbott

In the heart of the town where Lise, Gabby and Skye live, there is a mysterious and forbidden lake. Three teenage girls who only think about one thing, friends and sex. However, their everyday lives as young girls are turned upside down the day Lise becomes a victim. about a violent attack in class. The next day it’s Gabby’s turn. Is it just a coincidence? Is the virus spreading? Maybe it all has to do with their swimming in this lake a few days ago… Panic sets in as the chapters go by. And thanks to his writing, the author is able to keep us in suspense until the last page.

Small country by Gaël Fay

This touching story immerses us in Gabriel’s carefree childhood. This young boy lives in Burundi, in a small district nicknamed “Petit Pays”, where peace and tranquility reign. Until the day when civil war breaks outthrow the inhabitants into chaos and violence… Through this work, between memories and moving testimonies, Gaël Faye it offers a profound reflection on the ravages of war, but also on lost innocence.

Mechanics of the heart by Mathias Malzieu

How not to get carried away by this story, which is both magical and poetic? This fantasy novel tells the story of Jack, a young boy born with a peculiar… His heart is frozen. In order for them to survive, the watchmaker decided to replace them with mechanical watches. Jack must follow three golden rules: don’t touch needles, control your anger, and above all, never fall in love. But one day the young man crosses paths with the young singer Miss Acacia. Despite him, love at first sight is inevitable…

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