8 really cheap logs for a cheap Christmas


Christmas is fast approaching and with it the festival of gifts, family meals and delicious desserts. In keeping with tradition, the famous log is out of the question. If the symbolic holiday cake is often expensive, it is because confectioners use this period to develop original and crazy creations.

However, there is a large selection cheap Christmas logs. Whether in low-cost supermarkets or in our favorite supermarkets, we can find affordable party desserts.

The cheapest Christmas logs

Every Christmas meal ends with a traditional delicious log. Frozen or not, it comes in all shapes, sizes, colors and flavors. Here we find fruit and chocolate or caramelized mixtures, but also surprising assortments of spices or flowers.

Usually made with crunchy cookies and light mousses, polinekas are perfect for ending a meal with a sweet touch. To have fun without breaking the bank, we decided to cheap Christmas logs. For less than €15 for 8 slices of cake, you can treat yourself to a chocolate log combined with another lemon log. Enough to vary the treats while satisfying everyone’s tastes!

Where to buy cheap logs?

To find a sign up for a low price, head to the shelves of our favorite supermarkets. The shelves of stores such as Aldi, Monoprix, Auchan or Franprix are full of different log models. We too will succumb to the temptation of Nestlé logs, incredibly tasty.

For Christmas 2023, the famous chef Jean Imbert imagined quite a few of them log recipes for Carrefour, including chestnut preparation, ideal for the season. We also find frozen and frozen creations from Picard, as well as those from the famous ice cream parlor L’Angélys.

All you have to do is choose your favorite from our selection cheap logs.

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