Ain | Carpenter title for job seekers


On April 25, five companies presented themselves to job seekers at the premises of CFA BTP Ain in Bourg-en-Bresse on the occasion of the Day of discovery of woodworking professions, organized as part of the recruitment for training for the vocational title of woodworker joiner from the training center. Atelier Hanggi from Pont-d’Ain, Moronnoz from Arvière-en-Valromey, Martinod Frères from Songieu, Philibert carpentry from Frans and Mailland furniture from Bourg-en-Bresse answered various questions about work, possible travel, salary, work times or even development possibilities.

Crying need

Adult training is lacking almost everywhere in France. In parallelEwell, we really have this Ego dwork need‘œHe works in carpentry. VLYes, we doWe had no such training, fateEand applicantswork. It’s complicatedE dhave DCAhtEdemand from companies,other people who retrain and are unable to offer them anything», explains Amandine Arnaud, responsible for communication and educational activities at the Ain Interprofessional Wood Federation. Fibois 01, Capeb and the Aura region therefore contacted CFA last year to create a professional degree designed to meet this need. We arrangedE this trainingyearborn last, for ten months. Its specificity is to focus exclusively on technical and practical learning connected to the profession. Eight students in the promotion, including five job seekers, will be able to be hired at the end by the companies where they completed their internship. We are now recruiting for a new section and have invited companies looking for joiners“, developed by Stéphanie Grandclément, project officer at CFA. Training costs were covered by the region last year and, apart from apprenticeships, salary costs fell under France Travail compensation or a subsidy from the Regional Council. Some companies hire people without training, but thatis always complicatedE recruit someoneone, train him and finally see him go overnight. LhasLinvestment nis not mEme. GRhasthat in support of REgion, lthe financial obligation is smaller for companiesEtEwith», adds Amandine Arnaud. The training could again be funded by the Regional Council if it votes in the affirmative at the next meeting.

Promote your business

The carpentry sector needs recruitment. These are mEphysical third parties, a bit tiresome, that hopefully attractEto be a little less young. It is also important to come prEfeel called whensuch a meeting, explain whatthat advertisementintEexciting, its opportunitiesEwith Well withatr, to promote your business», smiles Loïc Charvet, manager of the Martinod carpentry workshop in Songieu, during a discovery day at CFA. For a business manager, hiring an apprentice or someone undergoing retraining is less of a financial asset than a social role. I just got back into carpentry. She Ehe was losing a bit of speed. Jneed to redo‘Eteam. vsis hereopportunity has time to knowandbe my project but Etoo has short and medium term,hire. The public undergoing retraining is generalgreater maturityE. It is also more voluntary and responsible thankshasthis to expEprofessional experienceEvsEteeth.»


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