Europeans 2024. In Perpignan, Jordan Bardella reveals the list of his first 34 fellow runners

Jordan Bardella revealed this Wednesday the 1stahem May in Perpignan, the first 35 names on the list of the National Assembly that will lead to the European elections on June 9.

Will everyone sit in the Strasbourg meeting room? All hopes are allowed for the National Rally, as voting intentions seem to have no ceiling: almost a third of those polled by Ipsos intend to vote for the flame party on June 9, 15 points ahead of the Macronist list, according to a study published on Monday.

Warning against abstinence

In front of a crowd of more than 2,000 people, the European election ultra-favourite admitted that “the wind carried (him)”, noting that “nothing is won until the last moment”. Faced with this “Macron Europe”, Jordan Bardella pleaded for a “Europe of nations”, “realities”, “people”, “concrete”, “identities”, “borders”, “fair exchange, economic patriotism, national priority, European priority. The RN chief pointed to “even more formidable enemies, distraction and abstinence”.

The meeting in Perpignan was also the meeting of the first 35 candidates on the list, which confirmed two rumors: the departing Jean-Lin Lacapelle no longer appears there, while Thierry Mariani, although he fought for his ties – at least he passed – with Russia will occupy 9E place. This list confirms the first names on the list, specifically Malika Sorel (2E), essayist, member of the High Council for Integration (2009-2012), Fabrice Leggeri (3E), senior official, Executive Director of Frontex (2015-2022) and prosecuted by two NGOs for complicity in crimes against humanity, Jean-Paul Garraud (5E), judge, chairman of the RN delegation in the European Parliament or Matthieu Valet (7E), Police Commissioner (2016-2024).

Before Jordan Bardella spoke, Marine Le Pen called on the French on Wednesday to “impose” the “most corrosive electoral sanctions” on President Emmanuel Macron during the June 9 European elections.
“We have to face them, we have to sanction them, we have to throw them out,” Le Pen said from the platform of her party’s main meeting in Perpignan.

Reconquest! : The famous marshal Joan of Arc

Top of the Reconquest list! at the Europeans, Marion Maréchal paid tribute to Joan of Arc in her native village of Domrémy (Vosges) on Wednesday, celebrating “a figure of effort” but also a “national symbol” that would be threatened by the “ideology of deconstruction”.

“There is a desire, through the symbol of Jeanne, to also rehabilitate this virtue of resistance, this virtue of effort and this virtue also of hope,” declared Marion Maréchal, who was accompanied by several comrades, including the president of the youth movement. Stanislas Rigault by Eric Zemmour, formalized Wednesday in 6th position.

The candidate said on Wednesday that she wished to “establish this tradition” of honoring Joan of Arc, a symbolic date for the far right: Jean-Marie Le Pen, the founder of the National Front and grandfather of Ms Maréchal, founded the parade in 1988 on the same day to celebrate of this figure of the Hundred Years’ War against the English, before the ritual gradually faded away from 2016 and then stopped.

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