Ikea: here are 5 iconic products from the Swedish brand that are worth a fortune today

By offering decorative nuggets and partnering with the greats design names, Ikea has largely established itself as one of the most sought-after interior design brands. Far from being cliché objects seen and seen again, some of Ikea’s decorative pieces have become real, highly desirable objects. So much so that they are now being sold for high prices on used sites and platforms dedicated to China. Tour of the track iconic Ikea decorative pieces.

MILA armchair by Gillis Lundgren

The MILA chair appears for the first time in Ikea catalog in 1967. Introduced by designer Gillis Lundgren, it consisted at the time of a star base and a large, comfortable seat in black leather, ideal for lounging. In 2024, to celebrate its 80th anniversary, the Swedish brand is launching a collection called Nyfäskarkad, in which we will find a large number of its iconic pieces.

One of them is the MILA armchair, this time renamed DYVLINGE and upholstered in green or yellow canvas. With the new model currently selling for €179, you’ll need to pay around €2,000 to afford the vintage format.

VARMBLIXT DONUT lamp by Sabine Marcelis

PUSH VARMBLIXT DONUT lamp it has nothing vintage… On the contrary, it is relatively recent, as it was released in the collection designed by the award-winning designer Sabine Marcelis at the beginning of 2023. The quickly unavailable VARMBLIXT DONUT lamp managed to attract all lovers of decoration and lighting. It must be said that with its round shape and pretty orange color it will brighten up any interior. The lamp was originally sold for €49.99. It is now available on sales sites for €150-200.

FUSION table and chairs by Sandra Kragnert

In the 1970s, designer Sandra Kragnert envisioned a table set and chairs intended for small spaces. Thanks to the distinctive shape it is FUSION table Ikea slightly rounded perfectly accommodates 4 chairs that are stored underneath. Practical and aesthetic at the same time, this model was all the rage in the seventies… before gradually falling into oblivion. Today, searches around this object continue to increase, to the point where it can be found on some used sites for over €1000. If you want to get it, be patient and search several platforms as some offer more attractive offers than others.

JARPEN armchair by Niels Gammelgaard

The JÄRPEN armchair, designed by the Danish designer Niels Gammelgaard in 1983, was already popular back then. Its unique concept, composed entirely of iron pieces, stands out as one of the most sought-after pieces for the home. Today it is hard to find its equivalent for less than €250. However, still in Nytilverkad collection thought for the anniversary of the Swedish brand, we find a similar chair called SKALBODA and much more affordable because it is sold. €69.95. Available in black or orange, it will definitely find its place in your interior.

The GUIDE shelf by Niels Gammelgaard

And it is a new piece invented by Niels Gammelgaard in 1985 that closes this classification. The GUIDE shelf, sublime thanks to its very geometric metal structure and its multi-colored shelves, fits perfectly into the retro interiors of the time. Today,shelf GUIDE Ikea can be sold for more than €2000. It is one of the most expensive items of the Ikea brand.

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