Motorcycle – New products. It’s spring: here’s our selection of licensed A2 scooters

A motorcycle is attractive but impractical, so maybe a scooter will perfectly meet your needs. We are not talking here about the 3-wheel scooters we have already talked about, but about the 2-wheel scooters available with an A2 license, i.e. larger than 125 cm³.

On a cylinder volume of 300 or 400 cm³, the interesting thing is that we remain in the size of a 125 scooter, but we have a much more dynamic engine to blend into the flow of highways and ride in pairs without failing on the slightest hill.

Great Honda offer

Let’s start with Honda, which has a wide range of A2 license compatible scooters. The

Undoubtedly, scooters with a 350 cc engine will appeal to you more in the city. The ADV 350 (€6549) or the Forza 350 (€6499) are very practical, compact like a 125 and very dynamic.

The Forza is particularly well equipped. And then there is the famous SH 350 (6,049 euros) with remarkable agility with big wheels. The trunk is definitely less, but on bad surfaces or cobblestones, it’s a treat.

Smaller range at Yamaha

Yamaha is not far behind with a smaller range, led by the famous T-Max 560 (€13,499) available with an A2 license.

It is certainly the most expensive in its category, but also the most efficient and safest with an architecture comparable to a motorcycle because the engine is in the frame (like the X-ADV and Forza 750).

The transmission is a variator like all scooters except the Honda 750 with a DCT transmission. If it is more prestigious, it is not as practical as the XMax 300 (€6,699), which has a large trunk for two helmets and protection that is undoubtedly a little more convincing.

Finished in Kawa!

Finally, if Kawasaki threw in the towel after the failed attempt with the J300, Suzuki still remains present with its unchanging Burgman 400.

Year after year it is still in the catalog with its intermediate size between the 125 GT (the 125 is no longer offered) and the maxi-scooter (the Burgman 650 is no longer offered either) with a price of €8,199.

The rest of the world is getting into it too

The CE-04 (12,990 euros) is undoubtedly a real success for BMW and it is also the best-selling electric scooter.

With your A2 license you can have it with 20 hp instead of the 15 hp available with a B or A1 license.

The difference isn’t huge, but other electric scooters settle for the 125 equivalent, so it’s always that little bit better when you hit the fast lane.

We almost forget that BMW still has two 400 thermal scooters: the C 400 GT (€8,390) compared to, for example, the Forza 350 or XMax 300, and the C 400 X (€7,390) with a sportier design but with the same performance.

Kymco and Piaggio

Kymco stands out with the AK 550 Premium (€11,999), a scooter that features a two-cylinder engine that is dynamic and flexible.

The equipment and the cycling part are for this well made scooter. And then we finish this review with a brand we know well in the world of scooters, it is Piaggio with the Beverly 300 (€5699) or 400 (€6699), which does not have the biggest trunk of the A2 scooter category, but large wheels that ensure comfort and good stability on bad roads.

Of course, this overview is not exhaustive, but it gives you a good idea of ​​what you can find on the market in the spring of 2024.

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