Near Chinon: Maison des vins, a “showcase” of local know-how


In its twenty years of existence, Maison des vins du Véron has become essential in Beaumont-en-Véron. Especially for residents of the city and its surroundings. The local clientele actually represents only 60% of the annual visitors to the building.

The trend has become more pronounced in recent years. A development that coincides with the resumption of management of the Maison des vins du Véron – initially run by the community of Véron communes – by the winegrowers’ association in 2018. “We Were in Free Fall”retrospectively describes Christian Millerand, president of the Maison des vins du Véron, referring to previous years.

“Here customers choose what they want”

Since then, the turnover has continued to grow. With the arrival of Valérie Perdriau in 2018, the (only) employee responsible for administration, marketing and tastings, Maison des vins changed its identity: new logo, new website, new signage. It thus strengthens its visibility in the city and its surroundings.

On average, more than 4,000 visitors pass through the doors of the Maison des vins du Véron each year. Among them, tourists who come to learn more about the Chinon appellation in one place, rather than running around the cellars of the winemakers. “They may feel obligated to buy from winemakers. Here they have a choice, they see the prices. They choose what they want”explains Christian Millerand.

22 member winemakers

Having this house in the territory is also “show-case” for the 22 winegrowers who will participate in it. Each can sell three vintages. And thus have a permanent point of sale open year-round nearby. “We can redirect customers here while we’re gone”appreciates Christian Millerand.

Although there are other wineries in the region (see opposite page), there are no exchanges between them, according to Christian Millerand.

Maintaining “glory”

This does not prevent Maison des vins du Véron from further development. In addition to wines, she developed the sale of food products (jams, spreads, rillettes, biscuits, etc.) and stone sculptures in cooperation with local producers and artisans. For three years, he has also managed a community cellar located nearby, which he can show or rent for events.

Maintain “glory” home remains a priority. Three to four tasting commissions are organized every year, which test the wines of member producers. “This enables the exchange of information with wine growers and information for customers”shows Valérie Perdriau.

The houses are full

> In Panzoult. The Sybille cellar unites 14 independent winemakers from the city. This historic site, which has become a showcase for the Chinon appellation, attracted 4,000 visitors last year. Increase in attendance compared to last year.

With its live tastings offered at €5.50 (including a visit to the cellar), this place attracts many wine beginners. It can be found by several manufacturers and “business spirit with wine” and unusual place. “The winegrower will no longer sell his quinone. Here we talk about quinone in general », points out Charline Blanchard, responsible for wine tourism and tourism development. Local products are also on sale.

> In Bourgueil and Langeais. Maison des vins de Bourgueil, run by the Bourgueil wine association, welcomes mainly tourists. “They come to Bourgueil to stock up on bottles, they buy two to five boxes”, notes Marie Belda, responsible within the structure. On the contrary, visitors tend to come and buy “a few bottles” in addition to Langeais, which is located at the foot of the castle. Sales and tasting areas were set up in both houses. New since April: the one in Bourgueil has its own wine bar. Open until October, during the week and at lunchtime, it offers a small restaurant with a tasting of Bourgueil wines.

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