Problems in this part with the private airport where John Travolta lives

Please fasten your seat belts, co-ownership is going through a turbulence zone right now. The atmosphere of the last few weeks could be summed up at Jumbolair, this amazing estate for wealthy aviation enthusiasts, where you get to your home by private jet via the residence’s airstrip. These unique features, and especially the fact that it has the longest private paved runway in the United States (almost 2.4 km!), attracted the actor John Travolta, a pilot and great aviation enthusiast, very early on. So it is not far from the city of Ocala, which the hero pulp fiction he had his modest house built in the 1990s, with an area of ​​more than 700 m² and enough to park two planes. Especially the Boeing 707, which the actor flew a few years ago (see slideshow).

But ownership of the estate, which still has around twenty plots for sale, changed hands a few years ago and its new Australian owners had big ambitions to expand. The desire to adjust the zoning of the sector to pave the way for the installation of new houses, but also for commercial and even industrial infrastructure. A development that was very unwelcome by both residents and the surrounding area. He wasted no time in alerting the authorities by mail to report these changes “would irreversibly change the atmosphere of north-central Marion County from a quiet rural farming community to a bustling airport surrounded by dense residential and commercial development”.

Riding stable

Although this argument may raise a smile, knowing that the airport has been present for several years, the threat from the team of residents’ lawyers seems to have hit home. According to local media reports, the estate’s managers have backed down and abandoned their expansion plans for the time being. For those interested in this type of gated community, which is very popular in the United States, please note that there are still 23 building lots for sale, with prices starting at $500,000. In addition, the equestrian center located on the site has 16 stalls, not to mention a private barn with 7 stalls, so that the residents of Jumbolair can look after their horses as well as their planes.

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