Real estate work. Energy audit: What are the new rules?

An owner who wants to sell a very energy-intensive house classified as F or G according to the diagnosis of energy performance (DPE) must provide his future buyer with an energy audit from 1.ahem April 2023.

This also applies to the sale of a detached building (belonging to a single owner) in category F or G.

The new rules entered into force on 1ahem April 2024 based on the decree published in the Official Gazette of December 30, 2023.

Detailed inventory of real estate performance

An energy audit, which must be carried out by an expert, draws up a detailed inventory of the energy and environmental performance of the house.

It allows the prospective buyer to obtain at least two proposals for works (the first includes a route in one or more stages and the second in one stage), which must be carried out in priority.

The document must be given to future buyers on their first visit to the property or at the latest on the day of signing the promise of sale.

Work allowing to obtain at least two energy classes

From now on, the first stage of the work process must allow obtaining at least two energy classes in the DPE compared to the previous level and carry out work on two insulation stations (roof, wall, floor, etc.). ).

In case of insufficient air renewal, the audit must now indicate the necessity of replacing the ventilation system in the first stage.

Each work proposal must include the characteristics and performance criteria of the recommended materials or equipment (thermal resistance of the insulation, etc.) and, if necessary, the type of insulation material proposed, as well as the amount of insulation to be installed. specified by an expert.

Final target adjusted downwards

The level of energy efficiency to be achieved in the final destination is no longer class B, but class C, which corresponds to an efficient renovation.

In case of F or G housing, the intermediate stage is also removed, which should have enabled at least class C to be achieved.

Convenience considered

Every work proposal must now ensure that a constant temperature between 18 and 20 °C is ensured in the accommodation facility in all seasons.

Other possible work scenarios

From 1ahem April 2024, the expert who performs the energy audit can, at the request of the seller, propose additional work scenarios, which are thus added to the two mandatory proposals.

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