SEO in 2024: 3 Tips to Combine Chat GPT with Networking

The network platform service is easy to present: it offers backlinks (external links) to improve SEO (natural linking) to websites. Google’s algorithms like it because the relevance of a website depends largely on how many times is it quoted…

1. Evaluate the link quality

On paper, your mission is simple: select a backlink dofollow in a large medium. There is no other way to sensitively transfer the notoriety of the source page to the destination page (yours). We invite you to use the Free Moz DA Checker. It is a small free tool that allows you to know the DA (Domain Authority) of the offered media. So any SEO strategy needs to be thought through with that in mind link quality, that is, their rating on a scale from 1 to 100. Of course, this comes at a cost. Not surprisingly, well-known sites, those with significant domain authority, are less affordable than a small, rarely visited blog site. Note the existence here 123. media, a networking platform that regularly offers discounted backlinks on premium media. An opportunity not to be missed…

2. Understanding Chat GPT as a tool (only)

AI is a valuable source of inspiration, and it would be wrong not to consider it as such. However, despite what we hear here and there, an incentive is not a magic wand. Like any tool, it requires skillful handling. The difference here is the art of prompting, that is, the sum of the instructions you give it. Remember to design it around the four axes: role, context, purpose and delivery format.

Role : It’s always helpful to keep in mind that Chat GPT lacks anything that constitutes an identity. Neither social anchoring nor emotion. It’s up to you to assign him a role. He will then become a journalist, copywriter, blog editor or whatever you want. It’s just a matter of making sure your prompt says so.

You are a young journalist, you love fashion and want to share your passion. Your article will highlight the quality of my brand’s products.

Context : In order for the AI ​​to stick to the expected genre and tone, it needs contextual information.

This is an advertorial type article, but I would like the advertising aspect not to be marked too much.

Target Persona: The relevance (and thus the effectiveness) of the generated content is relative to the target audience. By typing it in, you’ll get topics, examples, keywords, and effects that are more likely to interest him.

You are aimed at CSP+ between the ages of 30 and 65.

format: Content creation meets specific restrictions in terms of structure or length. Get inspiration from the top Google search results for your target query.

The text will be structured into 3 titled sections, 900 to 1100 words long and will be optimized for SEO around the keywords “handbag” and “leather”.

Before starting to generate the text, it is useful to add a command like: before you start working, I want you to rephrase what I just told you. Also consider asking for multiple options. This is, for example, the case when you need a reformulation. You will find the necessary material to build a version that meets your expectations.

3. Personalize items

You don’t need to be a writing expert to create your own text and give it the necessary human coloring. And fortunately because it is decisive here. Google promotes added value of articles. That AI can work is not a problem in itself. However, to settle for this is to risk phrases, empty formulations or repetition. However, “taking control” of content is not rocket science.

Consider the generated text as the basis. So you have the right, balanced construction and information a priori accurate (don’t forget to check them though). So you just have to set all this to music. A few tips:

• Rich vocabulary: Using the online dictionary of synonyms, you can easily find something to edit the lexicon, remove repetitions or add color to everything.
• Rhythm variations: to make content more dynamic by shortening certain sentences (Chat GPT sometimes creates very long ones that you can split into two or three).
• Illustration : add your own examples, these will often be the best!


So it is possibleensure good SEO performance while respecting two strong ideas: backlink quality and text quality. Be alert network platform and control the AI. The most successful SEO agencies do it differently…

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