The most beautiful village in France, this magnificent medieval town is a must-see in Occitania

This famous medieval village built on a mountainside, nestled in the Dordogne valley, is an exceptional place in the south-west of France, which will undoubtedly delight fans of cultural and historical visits to nature.

Jewel of the Lot, this medieval village voted the most beautiful village in France is worth a detour

This city of rare beauty, known for its picturesque streets, typical houses of the region and majestic religious complexes, dominates Alzou Canyon from the top of his cliff. This pretty village lies at an altitude of 279 meters above sea level Dose in fact, it is now internationally renowned for its architecture, which is as sublime as it is unusual.

Rocamadour, built on the sides of the cliff, has a view The Dordogne Valley and continues to attract more and more tourists since the Middle Ages, when it was already admired as A high place of pilgrimagebecause it represents one of the main stages the Way of Compostela. But this religious city has many other activities in store for its visitors.

What to see in Rocamadour, the “sacred city” listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List?

Nicknamed the “sacred city”, this medieval village houses 8 sacred buildings including the Sanctuary of Notre-Dame de Rocamadourregistered with UNESCO World Heritage. The most beautiful village in France, this treasure in the south-west of France has a rich heritage in addition to its religious history, from gates and fortified walls to a ch√Ęteau, not forgetting the main street, the only street in town. and yet recognized as one of the most beautiful in the world.

But if Rocamadour full of architectural and historical gems, it also offers its visitors bucolic escapades that will appeal to lovers of nature hiking, who will find what they are looking for on the trails along the Alzou and Ouysse valleys. Finally, if you want to enjoy a breathtaking view of the surroundings of the medieval city, consider a visit Hospitalet website admire natural beautyOccitania.

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