This delicious chocolate cereal is rated 100/100 on Yuca and is the best to buy in the supermarket

Supermarket shelves are full of products, each one different from the last. To help us chooseThe Yuka app allows you to find out information about the nutritional qualities and composition of each food by simply scanning the barcode.

Based on various criteria, such as the level of sugars, salt, saturated fat or even additives, the platform reveals a score based on 100 points, which makes it possible to distinguish products that are good or harmful for our health. Recently the Yuka app lifted the veil on the best chocolate cereal market as stated on the Marmiton website.

The best chocolate cereal according to Yuka

Perfect for a gourmet breakfast or a sweet break throughout the day chocolate cereal are some of our favorite treats. However, they are often very sweet and rarely contain good nutrients such as minerals, vitamins, etc. However, there are cereal packages that are better for your health than others. This is especially the case with the mixture Dark chocolate muesli by Jordans brand. According to the site’s criteria, this cereal contains “excellent fiber and protein, low sugar, organic.”

Enough to make us fall for this delicious one a packet of muesli, ideal to enjoy in a bowl of milk, for example with yogurt or compote. You can also add chopped fruit or dried fruit. For an even more delicious touch, feel free to add a spoonful of spread or almond puree.

Classification of chocolate cereals

Among the rest of the ranking, other cereal packages also stand out thanks to their goodness nutritional values. This is especially the case with Bjorg’s grape, apple, banana and coconut muesli, which also gets a 100/100 rating with its “additive-free, low-sugar, organic” formula.

Two other cereal or muesli bags also have a 100/100 rating on Yuca: Carrefour organic fruit muesli and Bio Village dried fruit flaked muesli. Just choose your favorite cereal package!

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