This hotel in Paris, in the heart of the Marais, is an atypical place that you urgently need to discover


Maison Saintonge, a stone’s throw from Rue de Bretagne in central Paris, is one of the prestigious properties in the Addresses Hotels collection. This atypical hotel patisserie (yes, yes), reminiscent of houses in the south-west of France, seduces with its warm atmosphere and refined decoration. A little joint visit to this little nugget.

La Maison Saintonge, a family atmosphere in the heart of the Marais

Located near the Picasso Museum and in one of the most lively areas of the capital, Maison Saintonge welcomes its travelers like a guest house. With its lobby deli counter and floral balconies, it evokes a Fairy in the heart of Paris. Inspired by the Saintonge region (in the southwest), this address is a true tribute to endless summer evenings and friendly gatherings with friends.

Each of the 22 rooms that make up Maison Saintonge has its own d├ęcor that evokes memories of a long-distance trip. Antique furniture, pastel walls decorated with herbariums and artistic sketches, embroidered curtains…every detail evokes French authenticity and elegance.

Maison Saintonge, an atypical place

Between the picturesque streets and the best Parisian addresses, Maison Saintonge is the ideal base for lovers of culture and gastronomy. This wonderful hotel brilliantly combines tradition and modernity. Respecting the architecture of the Marais, its ocher and natural decoration evokes the sunny atmosphere of southwestern France.

But Maison Saintonge is much more than just a hotel. His old-fashioned sweet shop is open to neighbors and passers-by and invites everyone to share a sweet moment. Whether it’s an impromptu snack or a sweet tasting, Maison Saintonge’s doors are always open to prepare beautiful sweet bags.

Are you curious about an exceptional place, here is an address that you can try without hesitation. Maison Saintonge is a hotel where the past meets the present. Whether for an extended stay or a simple visit, this discreet yet remarkable address promises an unforgettable experience where every moment is imbued with charm and sweetness. An ideal place for a Paris holiday that we recommend with your eyes closed.

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