This large tax increase could well unlock access to wealth

It is a proposal to reduce taxes. You read that right, a decrease not an increase. The government’s aim is to facilitate access to real estate for first-time buyers.

Housing Minister Guillaume Kasbarian would plead for a temporary exemption for direct gifts, such as those from parents or grandparents, and indirect gifts, such as those from uncles and aunts, provided the amount is intended for the purchase of a principal residence. and that it is the first acquisition of its kind. The measure would be included in the PLF 2025 Finance Act.It speaks both to older people who want to give their grandchildren a gift, to young people and to those interested in housing.», declares the defender of the idea Opinion. The measure would be temporary, but it is not known how long it will last. Will there be a cap on exemptions? Many questions remain.

Measures not yet verified

At the moment, the measure has not yet been implemented. Matignon and Bercy have yet to confirm this. Contacted by user Le FigaroBercy claims to have “he did not know about this proposal“. And when we asked the opinion of the Ministry of Economy on this subject, Bercy stated that “nono further comments“formulate. As for Matignon, no response has been provided at this time.

A promise that joins that of the President of the Republic during his campaign in 2022. He then announced that he would increase the inheritance reduction if elected, but the proposal was never adopted. The reduction of inheritance in the direct line (parents to children) was to be increased from 100,000 euros to 150,000 euros. However, these proposals could hit a roadblock: the executive’s imperative to reduce the public debt.

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