UNITED STATES. Donald Trump was fined $9,000 for contempt of court

Donald Trump was fined $9,000 this Tuesday for contempt of court at his trial in New York: the judge believed the ex-president violated his ban on attacking witnesses and jurors.

Judge Juan Merchan delivered his decision to Donald Trump to begin a hearing this Tuesday morning, as the trial over hidden payments to the former porn star in the middle of the 2016 presidential campaign enters its third week.

“Imprisonment” in case of repeat offence

In his written decision, the judge assures that he will not tolerate new violations and threatens the Republican candidate for the November presidential election with “imprisonment” if the crime is repeated.

He fined Donald Trump $1,000 for the violations — nine in all — the maximum amount allowed.

From the first day of the trial, April 15, the prosecution asked the judge to punish Donald Trump, especially for the virulent invectives against Stormy Daniels and his former lawyer Michael Cohen, who became his sworn enemy and the main witness of the prosecution.

Invectives on social networks

The prosecution returned to the charge three days later with seven new publications on the Truth Social website or campaign page.

The Republican candidate has again attacked Michael Cohen, described as a “serial liar”. But he also echoed comments made by Jesse Watters, a prominent host on the popular conservative Fox News channel, who asserted without proof that they are “picking secret progressive activists who lie to judges to be on juries.”

The day after this publication, the judge threw in the towel, saying that she is afraid that someone will recognize her.

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