Various facts. Kendji Girac Affair: Feminist Voices Rise to Support His Partner


The souffle does not fall. If anyone believed that Thursday’s long press conference of the public prosecutor from Mont-de-Marsan (Landes) would end the media sequence on the Kendji Girac affair, it is not so. The revelation of the circumstances of the singer’s gunshot wound on Monday in Biscarrosse provoked strong reactions. He wanted to “feign suicide” to scare his partner, who threatened to leave him after an argument, a prosecutor said a day after the singer’s hearing. “He said he took responsibility for what he did and was very sorry for it,” he said.

“Suicide threats areis psychological abuse”

Which caused some anger among feminist figures. Director Andréa Bescond addressed the singer on Instagram this Friday: “Threatening suicide when one of the partners wants to end the relationship is psychological torture of the other,” she wrote bluntly.

Before giving him a lesson in proper form: “When someone we love talks about breaking up, we work on ourselves to change things, and if we can’t, we accept because no one belongs to us. And in conclusion: “We hope you will not play the victim, you are not Kendji Girac, because of your ego your loved ones are suffering. Get therapy. »


“Suicidal extortion” condemned

She is not the only one who sees the singer reproached. Fiona Schmidt, a feminist journalist and essayist, also took to Instagram on Friday to share her “support for Soraya and all toxic husbands and fathers who prefer suicidal blackmail to behavior change. » She was also offended by several sympathetic messages towards her partner and daughter Kendja Girac.

In a column published online, Candice Satara, editor-in-chief of Madmoizelle, hit the nail on the head. Recalling that “Soraya didn’t ask for anything and found herself the center of attention in spite of herself. Originally, the young woman was even suspected of the shooting. » The journalist reminds that “suicidal blackmail is psychological violence, unfortunately widely used by toxic men. This manipulation keeps the person in control and therefore difficult to get out of the relationship. »

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