69-year-old ‘Aunt Danielle’ who harassed her neighbor has been ordered to move out

It’s the poison of everyday life. Since the health crisis, more than ever, neighborhood squabbles are polluting the daily lives of many neighbors. Not so long ago, the real estate agency Le Figaro reported on the suffering of this tenant from Valence (Drôme), who allegedly spent two years without a full night’s sleep due to particularly noisy neighbors. But when residents do cross the line, justice can be unmanageable, as shown by the decision of the court in Saint-Nazaire, which just on April 26 sentenced a 60-year-old woman to a 12-month suspended prison sentence and curfew. on her street and to have any contact with the neighbor she had been harassing for many months.

Already in 2022, the one whom Actu.fr nicknamed Tatie Danielle (in reference to the awkward heroine of the film of the same name Étienne Chatilieze) was judged according to the same facts, especially creative when she made the days of those around her hellish. In particular, she would regularly throw lawn clippings, pieces of glass, crows, hedgehogs or other dead nutria at a neighbor’s place, not forgetting bottles of urine and human excrement… All this without a clearly identified conflict of this behavior. At least eleven complaints have been filed against Neighbor from Hell since July 2022.

“paranoid delirium”

If we can question the state of mental health of this 60-year-old girl, who, despite the incriminating videos, completely denies what she is accused of, the psychiatric expertise was content to show “symptoms of paranoid delusions” and mild impairment of discrimination. The defense would have welcomed a curatorial measure or placement in a facility, but the court preferred a sentence of 12 months in prison suspended for two years of probation and, above all, a ban on reappearing at his address, route de Pontchâteau or associating with his victim.

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