Automotive Industry – Practical. Pads, discs: when should you change your brakes?

Used vehicle history specialist carVertical looked at the question: “Car manufacturers give different recommendations about the intervals at which you should perform brake maintenance. However, it is sometimes difficult to find out what has or has not been serviced on a used vehicle. Regardless of the mileage of the previous service, there are signs that should alert you.’

What signs?

We will listen to our brakes. Whether your car has disc or drum brakes, open the window and listen for any screeching or rubbing. If it squeaks or rubs, you probably have worn pads or even brake discs. Your mechanic will also be able to connect your vehicle to a diagnostic system, i.e. the trunk. He will be able to check the status of the ABS module in particular. » carVertical specialists explain.

What to check

“Don’t wait for the brake light on the dashboard to come on. Regularly, and especially if your vehicle is not seen by a mechanic often, you should check a few important points for safety.

  • Brake fluid: this fluid must be changed every three years or every 70,000 km.
  • Brake pads: their lifespan can vary from 30,000 to 100,000 km.
  • Calipers: their replacement is often recommended around 120,000 km.
  • Brake discs: discs should be changed every 80,000 to 110,000 km.

What can affect braking

There are many items that require professional inspection. We are talking about cracked brake linings, worn brake shoes, damaged breather valves or even a faulty master cylinder.

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