Ain: a forest farm ready to receive its public


“Thanks to several years of work on the restoration of the main building and the barn, a historical monument, but also thanks to the construction of this new building intended for reception, the farm will now be able to accommodate not only schools in good conditions. but also tourists, rejoices Thierry Pallegoix, mayor of Courtes, on April 12 on the occasion of the inauguration of the Ferme de la forêt. The site, classified as a historical monument since 1930, a symbol of Savoy Bresse with the typical architecture of the region, benefited from 14 months of work.

“Maintaining such heritage or even developing it requires significant financial investment (read in the box). Despite all of this, the agglomeration of Grand Bourg has made a priority choice,” he adds. In addition to the renovation, the project also consisted of creating a tourist attraction and cultural entertainment in this rural area.

“To achieve this goal, it was necessary to be able to welcome visitors and groups in good conditions thanks to a dedicated building,” explains Jean Pierre Roche, deputy vice-president for tourism of the Grand Bourg agglomeration.

Holiday destination

The new building was built on bioclimatic principles. It uses natural ventilation for its cooling and is insulated with wood wool. To bring visitors to the entrance, a long adobe wall was built from the earth dug up during the foundation.

From now on, they can have refreshments on site, enjoy the broadcast of the visit via film or even discover local handicrafts in the shop.

“We are not a holiday destination for those who come to visit us. Our goal with the Grand Bourg Destination is to give those who decide to come a choice of reasons to stay a little longer, by diversifying the possibilities of visits and discoveries, especially through an offer representing territories that will not be seen elsewhere”. explains Jean-François Debat, president of the Grand Bourg agglomeration.

In the main building, visitors can discover life in the past. They also have the opportunity to try braiding, which is then used to place the cob. There is also a multimedia investigation that allows anyone to slip into the shoes of a special agent of heritage.

The barn is now hosting a temporary exhibit, but may be able to accommodate additional features. Furthermore, the orchard and vegetable garden managed by the Patoisants association are home to old varieties. The whole forms a timeless place.

Significant funds

The Grand Bourg Aglomération investment represents €3.33 million. However, the community could count on several partners: the state with €326,312 from Drac and €184,970 from DSIL France Relance, the region with €240,000 for buildings classified as historical monuments and €100,000 through the Ambition Region contract, the ministry with €201 943 through a territorial grant, Europe with €100,000 from the Leader-Feder program, France Bois Forest Foundation with €10,000.

Josephine Jossermoz

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