Association: Weavers give a chance to people in exile


At the age of 66, this Ukrainian woman has a resume that would make any recruiter green with envy: the PhD student held an engineering position for 20 years and even worked in diplomacy. This young, highly qualified Sudanese man has little to learn about computer networks after seven years of working in the field in his country of origin.

However, both find themselves on the ground in Annecy, waiting for better days that would allow them to carry out the activity, whatever it may be. Server for example? Why not ! In any case, this is the path they are exploring with the Weavers association in Annecy, which aims to integrate people in exile (in a legal situation) through training, work and meetings.

We are an association and training organizationexplains Annette Nuguet, project manager. As such, we offer four types of training, including one for direct return to work in collaboration with companies in the Annecy region. » The goal is to prepare them for employment in companies that have volunteered to give them a chance.

The training, which lasts 15 weeks and is completely free, includes courses in French as a foreign language, employability, digital technologies, etc., as well as a three-week internship in companies. ” They engage in an inclusive partnership to recruit them for internships and hire them at the end of the training if all goes well. “, specifies the young woman.

The courses contain a lot of French, but also basic knowledge about life in France. Copyright: Weavers

The second class, with thirteen people, is currently being trained with the promise of a fixed-term or permanent employment relationship for the month of July. ” For this second meeting, we again chose the hotel and catering sector. Of the 8 candidates from the first, six were accepted! » French courses are adapted to this environment, including specific vocabulary.

Eight hotels or restaurants currently play the game: Le Rivage, Ibis centre-ville, The Roster, La Brasserie Gourmande, Yatta Ramen, Au Buro, La Cabane and Italian Trattoria. ” They are people who believe that diversity brings wealth to teams, Annette Nuguet confides. All of these employers have a passion for inclusion and diversity, not just a need to recruit. »

If the hotel and catering training is repeated every year, the project manager would like to set up another one for industry, bakery and confectionery or mass distribution. “ Companies that are interested can contact me. I always look at their recruiting needs before figuring out how we can accommodate them. »

21 people in exile have used or are using this program in Annecy. At the national level

there are 1,100 of them, of whom 70% have found employment.

: Weavers was born in 2019 in Villeurbanne and has 3 branches: Villeurbanne, Annecy (from 2021) and Grenoble (from 2022).

4 educational courses and 28 nationalities

The Weavers branch in Annecy has 5 employees. In addition to training for returning to work, it provides a so-called “professional remobilization” program that will affect more than sixty people from 2021 (French courses, employability, digital courses, French culture and daily life courses…); sociolinguistic events carried out on behalf of the city of Annecy (300 to 350 people met annually); and activities designed to create social connections, break isolation and practice French.

In all these events, 28 different nationalities were represented by an audience that was 64% female and whose average age is 38. In addition, volunteers are always welcome to pair with people in exile.

Weavers has a budget of 1.5 ME at the regional level (500,000 for training funding, 500,000 for public funding, 500,000 for private funds). Promotion currently in training at Weavers. Copyright: Weavers

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