Almost 3 million parcels were processed in Vienne in 2023

In Vienne, as elsewhere, postal service agents are worried. In the question ? Many announcements of changes to come.

The future of the image?

For example ? The future transformation of the industrial postal platform Mign√©-Auxances (Pic) into a multi-flow center. The announcement was made to staff in June 2023, a few days before the summer holidays. If the industrial mail platform is not closed, it will significantly reduce its size and put the work of hundreds of agents at risk. “There will be no redundancies and each agent will benefit from individual support”assures La Poste.

In fact, only 60 agents would retain their position, up from 250 at present. All of this should see the light of day in 2026. In the meantime, the wait is tricky.

Tours cancelled

Last April, the CGT FAPT (Federation of Postal Activities and Telecommunications) from Vienne mobilized against the cancellation of three postmen’s tours in southern Vienna from June 18, 2024. If the cancellation of the tours does not mean the end of the postman’s passage in villages, hamlets and isolated sites in the countryside, it signals the opposite increasing mail delivery distances.

Mail in danger

Taken together, all these changes are troubling. But La Poste argues and recalls numbers that leave no doubt. Post office in Vienna? “Between 2020 and 2023, this is down 22%, or 58 million letters in 2020 compared to 45 million in 2023”. By the end of 2024, it will be represented by the post office “less than 15% of La Poste Group’s turnover”. In terms of distribution, the post office is 97% for businesses, “and only 3% for individuals”. The guilt of everything dematerialized.

On the other hand, notes La Poste ‚Äústability in parcel activity from 2022 (almost 3 million parcels processed in Vienne in 2023), after a surge in volumes in 2020-2021 due to Covid and containment measures. Despite everything, we have to find new challenges to maintain financial balance. Sometimes, as unusual as “help with channel numbering” for municipalities or “geolocation of potholes on rural roads”. The postman becomes a Swiss army knife.

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