Vienna: the number of letters is decreasing, postmen have new tasks


The postman’s job is changing. At high speed, you have to adapt. Noémie Chartrin, 35 years old, is one of the highlights of the Saint-Savin mail distribution platform. In Vienna, mail delivery fell by 22%. In 2020, 58 million letters were still distributed there. In 2023, this number has increased to… 45 million.

It is clear that we need to find new levers of action to stop the dizzying fall. They pick up packages from the post office. A few weeks ago, Poitiers postmen went on strike with a 45-minute break during their tour. Some unions point to the uneasiness of the profession in full change.

Mail is delivered to your home, not your mailbox

According to La Poste, the profession is changing, we must adapt… “Packages account for 52% of turnover compared to 15% for letters”. The product is heavier. The descents of the iconic yellow car are more regular. Noémie notes: “I’ve been a delivery man here for eleven years. I could see the difference. » She is remarkable. We only saw one postcard during Noémia’s tour… Lots of tax returns on the other hand. “Here, in rural areas, older people don’t file statements online. »

There are those who know Noémie. Almost everyone knows his first name. He always has a few words for those he meets. Not much that morning. “Blame It On The Rain”the postwoman smiled. “When the weather is nice, everyone is outside. The tour is then a little longer than usual ». Here we receive news about ongoing works. There children or grandchildren. In this village, Noémie blows the horn of an electric vehicle. “I know little grandma is waiting for her paper, so I let her know I just put it in the box..

Visiting elderly or isolated people

For those who have difficulty walking, La Poste offers home delivery of mail. “Rather than putting letters in a box, I knock and deliver in person. Some older people didn’t know this service was possible…” It pays. Just like the “Watch My Parents” service. These are visits to elderly and isolated people at the request of a close person, “often children who are far away”. At the end of each visit, the postman writes a report.

There are 125 beneficiaries in Vienne. “The postman has the role of a watchman. Because we see people almost every day, especially in rural areas”, Noémie confides. Director of the Saint-Savin postal facility, Jérôme Sudri, states the same: “Territory anchoring is a huge strength that we have. There is trust in the public service that is La Poste. »

When it comes to meal delivery, one of the Postal Service’s other new missions, things are moving slowly in the department: “three guests” made this choice at Ehpad in Châtellerault “for 50 meals a week”. Postman, parcel delivery man, yes. Food could be better.

400 mailboxes per day

In her day (from 7:40 a.m. to 2:50 p.m.) Noémie covers 100 to 120 kilometers covering the roads and villages between Saint-Savin, La Bussière, Saint-Pierre-de-Maillé… Her tour is approximately 400 mailboxes. Being on the roads is his thing. Before her life as a mail carrier, Noémie was a funeral assistant.

Today he hears the anger of some of his colleagues. Industrial mail platforms located in Migné-Auxances, where their workplace has completely changed. Those who notice the elimination of some tours force the reorganization of the teams. But he also sees that there are fewer letters. That we have to find a solution to save this profession. “We have no choice but to move on…”he exhales, full of hope for the future of his favorite profession.

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