Basketball. Two Wembanyama Spurs matches in Paris in January 2025

San Antonio Spurs French nugget Victor Wembanyama (20 years old, 2.24 m) will play two games in the next NBA regular season in Paris, on January 23 and 25, 2025 against the Indiana Pacers, the North American professional league announced on Monday.

“Paris, we’re coming back!! And for two games,” hinted the French account NBA X. If the French capital hosts an NBA regular season game for the third straight season, it will be the first time for the Texas franchise “Wemby.”

The meeting place is not specified, although the last two editions of the “Paris Game” have been held in Bercy. Cleveland in January Riders so he took over Brooklyn Networks In this room. A year earlier it was Chicago Bulls who won this relocated meeting against Detroit Pistons.

The NBA wants to expand beyond its natural boundaries

Arrival Spurs was drafted several months after the emergence of phenom Victor Wembanyama, who was selected by the Texas franchise as the first pick in the first round of the draft last June.

In mid-October, a delegation of Fr Spurs so he undertook the first eventual journey. When asked if he wished to see San Antonio play an official meeting in Paris, franchise boss Peter J. Holt did not hide his enthusiasm, saying “a fairly high probability”. “If it were up to us, I would confirm it to you right away,” he added.

In addition, “we are actively looking for partnership opportunities with French companies in all areas,” the company’s owner said Spurs Sports & Entertainmentthe holding company that owns the Spurs, among others.

In addition to Paris, which it particularly likes, the NBA is trying to develop the organization of games outside its natural borders (the United States of America and Canada), in Europe, Mexico and the Middle East.

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