Less than an hour from Bordeaux, this destination is one of the most exotic in France and is perfect for a weekend away

If Bordeaux is one of the most popular cities in France, it is mainly because of its culture, monuments and architecture, but also because of its surroundings, which are full of the perfect destination go away for the weekend. One of them attracts travelers from all over the world every day.

Exotic destination 1 hour from Bordeaux

The Bordeaux region is home to some of the most beautiful vineyards and cutest villages. A little further on the Atlantic coast Dune of Pilat is one of the most exotic places in France. This huge dune, the highest in Europe, is ideally located at the entrance to Gulf of Arcachon, on the edge of the Landes de Gascogne forest massif. It offers an exceptional landscape where the sand stretches for kilometers. Once you climb the few hundred steps, the view from the top becomes really impressive: on one side you admire the thick trees and on the other the waves of the ocean.

Dune Pilat (or Pyla), known all over the world, measures 100 to 115 meters. Winds and tides regularly affect its height and change it every day. It is easily accessible from neighboring departments and is only an hour’s drive from Bordeaux city centre. Above all, it transports you to a luxurious and exceptional environment in no time.

What to do on the Pilat dune?

Duna Pilat is known for its landscape, but also for its activities. You can climb it on foot and then slide down to enjoy the Corniche beach at its foot. From the top, it is also possible to take off on a paraglider, gain altitude and admire the region up close.

For relaxation in an exceptional location, the luxury hotel La Co(o)rniche has one of the most beautiful views of the dune. We will stop there for a luxurious dinner or a simple drink during the aperitif. Next, take a walk in the village of Arcachon or go on a boat Grass village and the center of Cap-Ferret, both located directly opposite.

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