Because of cancer, the town hall refused her accommodation

Rachel decided to file a complaint April 16 with Troyon City Hall in Meuse, 55, over the discriminatory comments. It is the municipal council on April 12 that is the object of his anger. At this council, a decision was to be made on the allocation of two private housing units. Rachel applied for her mother, who had been suffering from cancer for two years, but was not selected because of discrimination, she assures.

During the municipal council, the assistant allegedly stated that “he had nothing against grandma, but (She) prefers to assign housing to someone who is not ill. If he dies within two or three days(she has got) I don’t want to redo the papers“. It was a friend of Rachel’s daughter, a council member, who reported the comments to her. As the meeting was not recorded, it is difficult to know whether these comments were actually made. Contacted by user Le Figarothe municipality did not respond to our request.

Secret ballot

Some brought arguments for and against. Everyone has the right to express their opinion. I neither confirm nor deny these comments.», says the mayor of the city, Pascal Pichavant Est Républicain. Five people voted against allocating housing to this woman and four people voted for it. Voting took place by secret ballot.

Rachel’s mother lives on the second floor without an elevator, and with chemotherapy, she can’t get around as easily as she used to. Her daughter was therefore looking for accommodation adapted for people with reduced mobility for her mother. She found this accommodation at Troyon, but her mother could not benefit from it. However, the mayor reportedly told him that his file was “in concrete“, according to her. Rachel assures that the accommodation was assigned to a friend of the vice-mayor, which Pascal Pichavant denies. All that is left for Rachel is to find another accommodation for her mother.

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