He founds the first Catholic real estate agency


She’s already lived several lives and doesn’t look like she’s going to stop anytime soon. After starting out as an actress, Lila Salet turned to reality almost 10 years ago and has been proclaiming her passion for the real estate profession ever since. After working on her own and then launching Green Partners, a network of real estate agents committed to protecting the planet, this Parisian created a brand in Versailles whose name is: L’Immobilière catholique. UFOs on the real estate planet and a development that may seem radical: exchanging green ecology for the Mariana blue (see photo of the sign)to move from earthly concerns to much more spiritual.

On this last point, the person in question immediately clarifies: “At the moment, our specifics is to donate 2% of our turnover to the preservation of French heritage and culture.” It is true that the previous brand, of which she was a co-founder, adopted this principle of donating part of the turnover for ecological purposes this time. But after leaving the Green Partners adventure, Lila Salet intends “customize your model” by displaying a “uninhibited Catholicism”. It already plans to expand its brand’s range of donations to more “humane” as well as more religiously marked causes such as Catholic Aid and the Order of Malta.

Open to all

But what connection can there be between Catholicism and real estate? “I was personally confronted with the issue of educating children and I quickly came to the conclusion that Catholic education is the best in France. And then I thought to myself: Why shouldn’t it be the same for real estate agencies? This name must embody the values ​​of being exemplary, helping, listening, being able to care for people and embodying family values.” Thus, the name “L’Immobilière catholique” quickly forced itself upon her. “In no way is it about segmentation, we are open to everyone, whether customers or employees, specifies one born to a Catholic mother and a Jewish father. We are very focused on large families, whether Jewish, Muslim or Catholic, they often share the same concerns.

So far, five people work in the newly founded agency in Versailles. A choice that may seem very traditional for a Parisian who wants to embody a “very 2024 Catholicism”. “I wish we could install our sign not far from churches in France,” he justifies that he believes the agency’s location is perfect, especially if it intends to embody France’s Catholic roots and the ancient real estate heritage that goes with it. They also make no secret of their desire to develop the management and maintenance of historic secondary residences for customers in the industry in the future. “We had to create this concept and I’m glad I did, she summarizes. I expected to get a lot of negative feedback and I didn’t. Obviously we can’t please everyone, but it’s important to show who we are.”

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