Deezer and Spotify reveal the biggest hits of 2023… But are you still keeping up with the times?


Like every year, Spotify and Deezer reveal the music retrospective of the current year. Miley Cyrus, Damso, Drake, Aya Nakamura… Discover what the popular sounds were in France and around the world in 2023.

And it is done ! Deezer AND Spotify this year they finally revealed the secret of our musical preferences. Yours, ours, French and also internationally. You probably noticed it yesterday, all your friends shared their top 5 in a story on their popular social network Instagram. We imagine you did too, unless you have slightly questionable musical taste. Rest assured, there is no shame in listening Midnight demons pictures every weekend, Dumpling of Diam’s at full speed in a car or Your by Joe Dassin as he wept bitterly over his childhood love. Or maybe so…

But at the same time, we can’t blame you because in France Jul is still the big winner this year and is doing so for the seventh year. In any case, our composer from Marseille is really successful as he still reaches 7 million listens per month. Indeed, in 2023 the observation is clear, the artist charts are dominated by rappers. Right after the one we call “UFO” In the lead are Ninho, Gazo, Tiakola and Damso. That is, the trumpet German racing car wins the title of most listened to song. It is SDM that should be proud of such a great success.

Where are our young ladies?

There’s a lot of testosterone anyway. So we still want to keep in mind that women are also in the role, yeah yeah! And the big winner is… Aya Nakamura. It must be said that his last album Aya has been certified double platinum… Hats off to the artist! However, it is the American who is the highest on the international scale. With your name flowers, Miley Cyrus is breaking records, as the latter is the number one streaming platform, just ahead of our pop darling Harry Styles. Enough to make Hannah Montana blush…

Still at the top of the list globally is… Taylor Swift! Please give us a round of applause for our favorite Pennsylvania singer. Widely acclaimed by critics, it combines over 26 billion streams (just that!) from January and on all her titles. Behind the young woman, Canadian artists The Weeknd and Drake are fighting for the top of the chart.

And boom, a little old!

For French titles released more than 20 years ago, the song Imarry you in the wind by Louis Attaque is always listened to as much as possible. And obviously closely followed by Gala and hers Freed from Desire crazy. “Nananana nananana…” doesn’t it make you want to dance? And finally, the third position is attributed to José Manuel Tomás Arturo Chao, alias Manu Chao and his famous will you taste me. We’re not that young after all…


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