We’ve got a playlist to get you “zoom zoom Zang…” during the end-of-the-year holidays!


Looking for a New Years playlist? Don’t move! Universal Music and Mercedes Benz have teamed up with Radio Nova to create a gem that will have you dancing and singing the night away!

It’s a collaboration that might seem incongruous on paper. However, it is quite natural that Mercedes-Benz joined forces with Universal Music France (A&R), as well as Radio Nova to celebrate the connection between the star brand and music. The partnership that gave rise to the emblematic playlist, the so-called Iconic playlist and for good reason…


Why is this collaboration iconic?

Just one reason? Number. So remarkable that it alone makes this playlist absolutely iconic. In fact, even if your musical culture is extensive, it would be very difficult for you to guess how many times has the Mercedes-Benz brand been mentioned in the history of the music industry so far. We will give you lead ? Since 1959 in the musical Melody of happiness, there is a brand quote. Since then, it has never stopped, and the creators have continued to quote Mercedes. To evoke their desires, their social success, or even for rhyme or style, Mercedes-Benz is one of the most used symbols of artists regardless of their universes… So ? In how many titles have you heard the famous star brand? So no less than 16,415. Especially since this list is far from exhaustive, as the brand continues to inspire contemporaries. Certainly for the coming years.

A holiday playlist that celebrates diversity and freedom

This huge number of quotes was just another argument to seal the connection between the music and the brand Mercedes-Benz. Because deep down, isn’t it obvious? The desire to escape, the search for strong emotions, these are sensations which can easily be found behind the wheel of a car while listening to our favorite playlist! Go where you want, listen to what you want! Optional: sing perfectly out of tune, at the top of your lungs and enjoy this moment of absolute freedom alone, with friends or family. This is the story iconic playlist Mercedes-Benz x Universal Music France ! For To add a little more charm, the car brand has also partnered with Dolbyso now you can benefit from Dolby Atmos technology on board your Benz! To be immersive, this surround sound system promises you a crazy experience. It’s simple, you are literally inside the song! We have tested and it is (over)verified.

Legendary titles and limited edition vinyls

So we’re not going to lie, maybe it’s not in your immediate plans to change cars and focus on Mercedes. But at least you can hurry iconic playlist brands. You can also get one of the copies the playlist is available on double vinyl in a limited edition of 2000 copies. Four covers to choose from for 4 different music styles. Whether you’re more Soul, Funck, Pop-rock or even straight up Hip-Hop, there’s one of these vinyls that’s just right for you…


OF Janis Joplin Beyoncé Passersby Ella Fitzgerald, NTM, Tina Turner or The Rolling Stones, (We can’t list them all, because objectively we would have enough for a week), they all have their own story Mercedes-Benz. This event playlist is proof of that. And you, no doubt have a story with a title (or several) from this playlist… Don’t wait until you discover it… You’ll be dancing, singing, sharing, dreaming…It’s timeless and totally iconic, we guarantee it. !

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