Discrimination. A call to demonstrate against the “transphobic offensive” 5

More than 800 collectives and political, artistic, activist and intellectual figures called to demonstrate on Tuesday, May 5, to condemn what they say is an ongoing “offensive” against the rights of trans people and to defend the right to freely dispose of their bodies.

Book and account that worries

“Republican senators’ proposed anti-transgender minors bill coincides with the release of a hateful book, Transmaniapromoted by the entire political extreme right,” they condemn in a column published on the weekly’s website Politics.

“Reactionaries are trying to inject into the public debate the idea that trans people are a danger: to children, to society and to themselves,” they add.

Among the signatories are writers Annie Ernaux and Vanessa Springora, actress Andréa Bescond, singer Bilal Hassani, Act Up Paris, Strass, Family Planning and even the left-wing elected representatives Mélanie Vogel and Clémentine Autain.

Book posters removed from the streets of Paris

They are referring to the report on the transidentification of minors, which was produced internally by the LR group in the Senate and published in mid-March. Among other things, the report recommends banning puberty blockers from being given to minors diagnosed with “gender dysphoria” (a feeling of inadequacy between perceived gender and gender at birth). The measure appears in a bill that will be discussed in public on May 28.

They also condemn the publication and promotion of the book Transmania which presents itself as “an investigation into the excesses of transgender identity” that “penetrates all spheres of society”. The operator JCDecaux removed posters promoting them from the streets of the capital after being asked by Paris City Hall, deeming them to be in breach of its ethical charter, and apologised.

Also demonstrating for PMA and an end to mutilation

In addition to the call for a demonstration on May 5, the signatories of the platform demand a “de-psychiatrized transition, free and free for adults and minors.”

They also call for “access to assisted reproduction for all trans people”, “an end to the mutilation of intersex children” and “massive resources” for public services to ensure “real access to abortion, transition and contraception”.

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