Europeans 2024. Electoral papers: only two days left to register

What is the deadline for registration in the electoral rolls in my municipality?

You have time to Wednesday 1ahem May included register online on the electoral rolls to be able to vote in the European elections on 9 June. You have until May 3if you appear at the town hall or apply by post before this date.

To register online, click here with the following scanned documents: proof of address less than 3 months old (for example an electricity or gas bill in your name) and proof of identity. The online application is based on the assumption that you are already 18 years old.

How do I find out if I am already registered in the voters’ list?

A young Frenchman at the age of 18 is automatically registered in the electoral rolls of the municipality of his residence if he completed the census from the age of 16, resembles the website In addition, a person who has become French since 2019 is also automatically included in the lists.

If you have any doubts about your correct registration on the electoral rolls (young person aged 18 without citizen registration, recent move, recent acquisition of French nationality, recently regained right to vote) you can check the information about you (and in particular your polling station) by clicking on this link .

I am a European citizen living in France, can I vote?

Yes! Registration on the lists is also open to European citizens residing in France who wish to vote in France in the European elections. But beware, if you are registered in France, you are voting for French lists.

When will I receive my voter card?

Still according to, voter cards are mailed to your home no later than 3 days before the election. If you have not received it, it can be picked up on election day at your polling station upon presentation of proof of identity.

I am not present on the day of voting, how can I authorize?

If you are not present on voting day, you can authorize someone close to you to vote for you at your polling station by providing a power of attorney. New for this election is that it is now possible to do it online, without having to go through a police station, at This measure was introduced mainly to reduce non-participation.

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