Europeans 2024. Jordan Bardella announces that Marine Le Pen will ‘enter the campaign’


Leader of the National Rally (RN) candidate for the European elections, Jordan Bardella, announced on Sunday that Marine Le Pen will “enter the campaign” in the coming days by his side, appearing in the penultimate position on his list.

“From 1ahem May, starting next Wednesday, we’re going to enter this final stretch” ahead of the June 9 vote, Jordan Bardella said on the show Sunday in politics on France 3, sees it as an opportunity for “the duo that we form with Marine Le Pen to enter the campaign a little more prominently”.

On the penultimate position in the list

The RN leader in the National Assembly “will enter the campaign in the coming days by my side”, he continued as he presented the complete RN to-do list on 1ahem May in Perpignan. “And I also inform you that Marine Le Pen will close this list in the penultimate position because it is a parity list and Louis Aliot will be last on the list,” added Perpignan mayor Jordan Bardella.

Marine Le Pen already announced on March 3 that she would appear on Jordan Bardella’s candidate for the European elections, but then mentioned the last position.

“Bringing together the patriots” by LR, left, and Eric Zemmour

The European elections are “also a referendum for or against the breakup of France”, he said as he defended his “rupture project” for Europe. This includes a “radical turn in immigration policy” and “a vision of Europe that is a vision of cooperation between nations”, while the EU “today acts too often as an accelerator of our decline”.

In addition to RN voters, Jordan Bardella reiterated his “desire to bring together sincere LR patriots”, “Eric Zemmour voters who are lovers of France, as well as patriots on the left who believe that we also carry a certain number of republican values”.

“Voting for lists that will make up 5 or 6% means weakening the weight of the sanction that could be imposed on Emmanuel Macron,” he argued.

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