Health. Mayotte: cholera cases doubled, new medical unit opened

The number of cholera cases in Mayotte now stands at 26, the prefecture and regional health agency announced on Sunday, adding that a new “cholera unit” had been opened at a health center. “Since the start of the cholera warning, 26 cases have been confirmed,” the Mayotte Prefecture and Regional Health Office said in a press release. The previous report reported 13 cases on Friday.

“Given the situation and in order to ensure care for all patients, the Regional Health Agency and the Mayotte Hospital Center have decided to open a second “cholera unit” within the Dzoumogn√© reference medical clinic as of today. center. The first unit, which is able to accommodate a maximum of 14 people within the Mayotte Hospital Center, can no longer accept new patients.

Lack of caregivers

Until future reinforcements arrive, the Mayotte Hospital Center will focus its staff on cholera-related treatment. There is actually a lack of female caregivers in the region. According to Olivier Brahic, CEO of ARS, “the situation at the Mayotte Hospital Center in terms of human resources remains very critical, especially in the emergency department”.

On Friday, the first three cases of “indigenous” cholera were identified in Koungou, north of Mamoudzou. Until then, ten imported cases had been recorded since mid-March among people arriving mainly from neighboring Comoros.

Vaccination operation

In order to limit and reduce the risk in Koungou village, the Regional Health Agency strengthened its field interventions and created a screening and counseling center.

“Vaccination operations are also organized on site,” clarifies the ARS, which is also continuing its health interventions to ensure widespread dissemination of recommendations and direct people to vaccination and screening systems.

“The epidemic is spreading without real control in the neighborhoods of the Mamoudzou-Koungou urban area, which is densely populated, especially in the slums, where the most basic public hygiene is lacking,” the LR representative for Mayotte is concerned in a press release. , Mansour Kamardine, recalling that “the entire territory of Mayotte is still subject to restrictions on access to running water”. In particular, the MP demands “a general vaccination plan (voluntary vaccination) accessible to everyone, especially children and vulnerable persons”.

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