Home exchange, an economical solution to go on holiday to the other side of the world

The idea is not new and no, it was not invented by the writers of The Holiday. However, ever since the movie was released in 2006, we’ve all dreamed of being able to do it house swap vacation time to settle in a small English cottage and accidentally bump into the handsome Jules Law.

Far from the romantic clich├ęs of famous Christmas rom-coms, house swapping is a real trend that is shaking up the world of travel. In recent seasons, this process has increasingly attracted travelers looking for an economical solution. So much so that specialized platforms are being created all over the world.

The transition from a Paris apartment to a New York loft or from a house in the Bordeaux countryside to a villa on the Mexican coast is possible. Go through vacation on the other side of the world without emptying your account, all you have to do is start your home exchange. Whether on platforms like HomeExchange or Intervac more and more individuals register to exchange their accommodation with other individuals. Ultimately, the concept is simple: you entrust your house or apartment to strangers, who in turn entrust you with theirs. You can thus travel and discover new destinations more cheaply, as you will not have to pay anything for accommodation apart from registration fees. And it must be said that it can be a dream!

Because if foreigners from all over the world dream of discovering our beautiful country, it will make them even more happy in good conditions. If you want to immerse yourself in a culture, there is nothing like immersing yourself in the lives of its inhabitants, whether in a house, apartment or unusual accommodation. On the contrary, we succumb to the temptation to discover the reality of a London apartment, a villa in Faro or a typical residence in Indonesia.

Domestic stock market trend

If the house exchange is so attractive in recent seasons, it is mainly because of this tourist trend it is part of a slow travel movement. By staying with singles, you can take the time to experience your vacation like your everyday life… without the pressure of work. We discover the destination at our own pace, without the stress of food or hotels, and take advantage of the opportunity to live the local way, fully immersing ourselves in the surrounding culture.

Above all, it allows a large number of families or individuals to travel cheaply and escape to unusual destinations without necessarily making money. With rising prices all over the world, this is a cheap vacation method that you need to know and try!

Things you should know before starting a home exchange

Although swapping houses seems practical and innovative, it still requires a certain amount of organization. Yes, you will be able to house swap, but you should still avoid it blindly. In contrast to the classic search for holiday accommodation, this requires good foresight, especially preparing the interior, protecting your personal belongings, defining rules with visitors and finding suitable accommodation for yourself.

On the HomeExchange platform, the international leader of its kind, know that it is possible entrust your house to one family and finally move to another accommodation. By registering on the site, you will have to meet all the criteria corresponding to your place of residence. HomeExchange will then take care of classifying it according to a points system. You will then be able to choose the accommodation that suits you best from a wide range of accommodation of the same type as yours. To get to know your visitors better, you can find an information sheet, but also communicate with them and anticipate their requirements or needs.

Among other things, you can think about warning your neighbors or your relatives, you can also prepare a complete file about your accommodation to best welcome people who come to you.

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