Ikea presents a collection of sports accessories ideal for training at home or in the gym

Spring will be sporty at Ikea. For its new collection, the Swedish giant lifts the veil on a line dedicated to running a sports activity. And since all excuses are good to train, you can do it with good products too. Yoga mats, dumbbells, resistance bands… An overview of the most beautiful pieces to buy Ikea sports collection.

DAJLIEN, a collection of Ikea sports accessories

If the Swedish brand is known for being a good source of furniture anddecorative accessories ideal for our interior, he regularly reveals other collections. For spring 2024, Ikea is unveiling a line of 19 products designed for sports. “This collection, both multifunctional and versatile, offers equipment with dual functionality that fits perfectly into all interiors. Thanks to a minimalistic and refined aesthetic approach DALJIEN collection it allows you to live your passion at home without sacrificing your decor,” explains the brand.

Enough to make us want to do sports and at the same time invest in nice accessories that perfectly match our interior decoration. A collection that is both practical and aesthetic and, above all, affordable. “With DAJLIEN, we wanted to create smart and beautiful products that would inspire and redefine training as a fun, easy and natural everyday activity,” explains Sarah Fager, designer of the Swedish house.

What to buy for the DAJLIEN collection?

Among the company’s products DALJIEN series, we find exercise mats with a nice rounded shape, but also a storage bench ideal for training or for storing all your things. Likewise, the trolley allows you to easily transport your items and accessories from one room to another.

In addition to training weights, we also succumb to the temptation of colorful towels and blankets, a nice sports bag, a sports speaker and an air purifier that is supposed to rid the indoor air of harmful particles and pollen.

With the DAJLIEN collection, you no longer have an excuse to miss a sports session!

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