Astronaut Sophie Adenot receives her diploma, the next step towards hoping for a ticket to space


The engineer received her astronaut qualification from the European Space Agency after basic training in Cologne, Germany.

A little closer to the stars. French astronaut Sophie Adenot received her diploma from the ESA Class of 2022 this Monday, April 22 at the European Astronaut Center in Cologne, Germany to applause

Sophie Adenot was also awarded the official badge worn by all astronauts of the European Space Agency.

“His journey will inspire all French and European pride!” Emmanuel Macron responded to X.

French astronaut Thomas Pesquet said he was “so happy” for his new colleague, “who today is even more fulfilling his dream of flying in space, there is no doubt that it will happen very soon”.

Six graduates

Five more astronauts received their diplomas from the European Space Agency on Monday. In detail, there are three men – Belgian Raphaël Liegeois, Spaniard Pablo Alvarez Fernandez and Swiss Marco Sieber – and three women, namely Sophie Adenot, British Rosemary Coogan and Australian Katherine Bennell-Pegg, a graduate in partnership with ESA.

The selection, which was appointed at the end of 2022, began training in April 2023. The basic training “provides candidates with a full understanding and competence in the various disciplines that are necessary for their future roles and responsibilities in space”, according to the website of the European Space Agency.

Teaching basic biology, medical training, astronomy courses, swimming pool training to get closer to the conditions in space… The new European astronauts have had many experiences in recent months.

No space mission is planned yet

However, this diploma awarded to Sophia Adenot is not a ticket to space and the International Space Station. From now on, new European astronauts – “until they are assigned to their space mission and progress to the next stages of training” – will be assigned to “operational tasks within ESA, such as work in mission management, astronaut support, or as EUROCOM (in charge of communicating with astronauts during flights from the mission control center, editor’s note)”.

“They will also undergo refresher training, maintain physical fitness, participate in public relations activities and contribute to educational and awareness-raising activities,” the European Space Agency further specifies.

Sophie Adenot’s space flight is therefore not planned for tomorrow. In addition, the European Space Agency’s next major missions will not be limited to the ISS, as it is working with NASA on the Artemis missions, the ultimate goal of which is to return to the Moon. A project that is of particular interest to Thomas Pesquet.

Hugues Garnier BFMTV journalist

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