This medieval village in Aveyron is breathtaking

For a day’s escape or a longer summer holiday, how about going to Aveyron, where it is possible to combine rejuvenating sunbathing, getting back to nature and the multitude of activities on offer, for example thanks to the rich and varied territorial heritage. In particular, we have identified for you a medieval village that is worth a detour.

This village is one of the most beautiful in Aveyron

It is impossible not to fall under the spell of Brousse-le-Château, whose traditional cobbled streets immediately immerse us in a calm and timeless universe. No wonder it ranks among The most beautiful village in France and captivates passing visitors as they travel through Tarn Valley and Alrance.

The fortified castle of Brousse-le-Château is undoubtedly the most memorable place in the village. This 9th century building overlooks the rest of the village. Not to be overlooked is the village church, founded in the 12th century and renovated in the 14th century to enlarge it and allow numerous objects of sacred art to be exhibited.

What are the tourist attractions of Brousse-le-Château?

As we have seen, this village offers a real immersion in history. But that is far from its only advantage. For example, it is possible to observe breathtaking panoramas from several strategic places in the vicinity. They also give rise to walks or hikes accessible to the largest number of people, which, however, allow combining physical activity in the open air and architectural discoveries. You will definitely have the opportunity to switch gothic bridge, facilitating the crossing of the Alrance River. The construction allowed the village to become a commercial stronghold in the region thanks to its ideal location on the trade route.

Of course it is difficult hiking in Aveyron without enjoying the generous local dishes (such as aligot, farçous, estofinado, fouace or tripoux) or tasting the wines produced by numerous local vineyards. There are several dining options in the village itself. Finally, if you wish to stay longer in Brousse-le-Château, keep in mind that several gîtes and traditional guest rooms they are installed there if this type of accommodation appeals to you.

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