“It’s truly a meeting of masterpieces”: the superb restored decorations of Notre-Dame on display at the Mobilier national fair


A unique exhibition will allow you to discover the paintings and choir carpet of Notre-Dame restored after the fire. They are on display until July 21 at the Mobilier national before being reinstalled in the cathedral.

This unique exhibition gathers around twenty paintings taken out of Notre-Dame after the fire. Among them are Mays, these very large-format paintings from the 17th century. These large restored decorations are on display from this Wednesday 24 April at the Mobilier national in Paris before returning to the cathedral next December.

Spared from the fire, they regained all their splendor after two years of restoration. “This exhibition is a unique opportunity to see in one place and at extremely close range all the decorative masterpieces of the cathedral. All these paintings will return to the cathedral, but they will be distributed between the chapels and placed vertically, so that we can no longer see them as we can see them next to itself at this exhibition, it is truly a meeting of masterpieces. explains Emmanuel Penicaut, curator of the exhibition.

25 meter carpet

Another masterpiece to admire : cathedral choir carpet offered by Louis Philippe. Only the upper half, already restored, is presented, explains Mobilier National president Hervé Lemoine. “It was a major restoration job, this carpet is gigantic, over 25 meters long and 9 meters wide.”

Only the upper half of the chancel is exposed. (ANNE CHEPEAU / FRANCEINFO)


“When it came out of the cathedral soaked, I think it weighed almost 2.5 tons, it must have been drying,” recalls Hervé Lemoine. “This was a hugely important work and we are very pleased that it has been restored and that it can eventually be re-installed in the cathedral”, rejoices the president of Mobilier national. Reinstallation of all these works in the cathedral is planned for autumn.


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