This little-known spot in the Mediterranean, far from tourists, is a dream of a quiet and peaceful destination


The Mediterranean makes you dream, but it seems difficult to find the perfect place to spend your vacation without being full of tourists? There is an island that no one thinks about and yet it is breathtaking to visit.

Naxos and its landscape as far as the eye can see

This is Naxos, and Greek island located south of Aegean Seain the eastern part Mediterranean Sea. Located between Greece to the west and Turkey to the east, this island is full of breathtaking panoramic views. Accessible from Athens, by plane or ferry, this impressive place is not what everyone immediately thinks of when they think of visiting the Greek islands.

Many will tend to opt forthe island of Santorini or perhaps Mykonos. As a result, there are far fewer tourists and just as much to explore. The endless landscape of Naxos will undoubtedly seduce you, without counting the days on the beach that await you.

What to do on Naxos, the sublime Greek island away from tourists?

Apart from the landscape and the sea, where you can swim well, there are many things to do on Naxos. We recommend, among other things, different tours that can be taken. PUSH Tragea Valley it is unmissable because you can stumble upon the site Kouros of Menales where is the kouroi statue.

The route of churches passing through villages in the center of the island such as Halki, Moni or Filoti is ideal for walking Cultural heritage and the history of Naxos. All this without forgetting the museums located on the island, and especially the archaeological museum as Temple of Demeter. Afterwards, you can also go to Bazeos Tower, an ancient monastery from the 17th century. We are currently hosting various cultural events or even exhibitions that contribute to the richness of this wonderful, little-known island.

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