Lesser known than Lake Sainte-Croix, this lake is one of the most beautiful in the PACA region

As summer approaches, desires for something different are formed. A piece of mountain? A desert on the other side of the world? Or the translucent sea in the south of France? Alpes-de-Haute-Provence hides a little corner of paradise and promises you unforgettable experiences.

An intimate El Dorado in the heart of the PACA region

Near Gréoux-les-Bains, near the Gorges du Verdon and Lake Sainte-Croix, Lake Esparron-de-Verdon it offers a view that would pale even on the most beautiful postcards. Its cliffs and translucent bays will make you feel like you’ve found a rare Eldorado.

And that’s more or less the case, because this body of water is quite familiar and well-preserved. When you spend a few hours relaxing there, you will feel like you are in an intimate setting, although the area is spread over 328 hectares including turquoise water, green hills and cliffs. In other words, you will feel very privileged.

What activities does Lake Esparron-de-Verdon offer?

If it’s important to relax and reset the counters during your vacation, it would be a shame not to enjoy the landscape more by doing a few activities. For example, you can walk along the hiking trails in the valley, including the canal guard trail.

The lake also has marine equipment with which you can have fun with friends or family. For example, you can rent a paddle boat or try sailing. Several clubs will be able to offer you an experience right on the spot!

Finally, if you’re more of a heritage or history buff, know that the Electric Space Shuttle named “Pearl of Verdon” He will take you on a tour of the village up to the Gorges de Quinson. It is also nice to explore the village of Quinson, especially its famous prehistoric museum, considered the largest in Europe. An exceptional place.

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